Various Commenters #transphobia

(@SonofLiberty357 )
I am a man. There are a lot of things I can do. However, I can’t menstruate, get pregnant, give birth or breast feed. Neither can all the ‘pretend’ women. Time to get real.

Pretend women cannot get a Pap test, because….um, oh yea, they don’t have a fucking vagina, cervix, Fallopian tubes, or a womb. I am a woman, and I have all of the above, and more.

Wish men would learn how to "do" man well and stop thinking they can do better by being a pretend woman

Damn skippy! The pretend women have cells, every cell in their bodies that are male. A comment made to me recently, "when an archaeologist comes along in 200 years and digs them, they will be identified as male." True. As a woman, I find the pretend women extremely offensive.

These people got lost in the imaginary world and never matured into adulthood. And they want the rest of real world adults to acknowledge them or they throw fits like the children they are. But if we allow them their fantasy we put chuldren at rusk, period.

This entire topic is rediculous. You either are a man or a woman. No matter how you try to reconfigure your body you are still the sex you were born.



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