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Twenty years of fighting in Afghanistan ended in a humiliation. Our rulers refuse to understand that human groups are different.

You won’t find the Japanese or the Mexicans trying to turn other people into something they aren’t.

I thought having colonies was supposed to be one of the worst things the white man ever did. How was what we were doing not colonialism?

Were they supposed to fight for a puppet government propped up – for 20 years – by infidel colonists?

Whatever you think of the Taliban, they are real Afghans, ready to die for Allah and to get the hated Americans off their backs. You might even call their victory a kind of consensus democracy on the battlefield.

Do you remember the hilarious attempt to require all school districts in America to get students of all races to perform at the same level? I guess the idea was to turn everyone into Asians. Of course, it was a complete failure. In 2015, morons in Congress replaced it with a new law will turn turn José and Shaniqua into computer programmers. Believe it or not, it’s called the “Every Student Succeeds Act.”

Of course, now we are all in a moral panic because we left behind tens of thousands of Afghans who sold their souls to us. We couldn’t turn Afghans into Americans in Afghanistan, so we’ll just try it here. The Swedes have been trying to turn Afghans into Swedes. Instead, they have the highest rape rate in Europe.

In Kabul, burkas are suddenly high fashion. One costs ten times more than it did last week. *You* may not like it, but if Afghans want to throw blue sheets over their women isn’t that their business?

When our soldiers finally come home, I have a different job for them: Stop the invasion of a quarter of a million people swarming across our Southern border every month! Isn’t the army supposed to stop invasions? But, no, they can’t do that, because everyone knows Guatemalans and Salvadorans will learn broken English and drink Coca Cola, and that will make them as American as you and I.



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