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[on Apple employees organizing a union]

They will not get more pay. They will get less because some of their wages will get funneled to the rich people who run the union in the form of union dues. Unions dues are a tax on the young and stupid who watch leftist YouTube videos and think socialism is cool. Blame multimillionaire Bernie sanders and his allies for telling young people that they need unions and big government. They have fooled the weak minded into giving them their hard earned money.

The authors find that unionized workers earn on average 11.2% more in wages than nonunionized peers

Says who? The epi institute. Who is the epi institute? You guys keep claiming evidence when you are just linking to random blogs on the internet. Literally all of your so called studies have been co-opted and written by people that desperately want to convince someone of something so they can make more money. Here is a hint: the epi institute is funded by unions and their allies. I cannot believe that people still fucking believe everything they read on the internet because some DC think tank calls it a study. It is just bullshit.

You could have just said "I don't have contrary evidence, just my feelings"

Here is my evidence: Johnny gets paid $18 per hour to work at the Apple store. The union takes 10%. Johnny now makes $16.20 an hour. The union bosses walk away with millions. That is how it works. Do you think Apple is going to increase the pay of the store workers? Keep reading your DC think tank blogs. You can trust them to tell you the truth. Do you never question anything you read on the internet?

Johnny makes $18. Johnny joins with his fellow workers in a union. They negotiate their wages up to $25 an hour with 10% going to the union. Johnny now takes home $22.50 an hour.

Facts are easy when you can just make em up! Wow it's like I'm having a discussion with Rothbard himself.

Keep arguing without evidence, it's going great.



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