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[on Apple employees organizing a union]

They will not get more pay. They will get less because some of their wages will get funneled to the rich people who run the union in the form of union dues. Unions dues are a tax on the young and stupid who watch leftist YouTube videos and think socialism is cool. Blame multimillionaire Bernie sanders and his allies for telling young people that they need unions and big government. They have fooled the weak minded into giving them their hard earned money.

The authors find that unionized workers earn on average 11.2% more in wages than nonunionized peers

Says who? The epi institute. Who is the epi institute? You guys keep claiming evidence when you are just linking to random blogs on the internet. Literally all of your so called studies have been co-opted and written by people that desperately want to convince someone of something so they can make more money. Here is a hint: the epi institute is funded by unions and their allies. I cannot believe that people still fucking believe everything they read on the internet because some DC think tank calls it a study. It is just bullshit.

You could have just said "I don't have contrary evidence, just my feelings"

Here is my evidence: Johnny gets paid $18 per hour to work at the Apple store. The union takes 10%. Johnny now makes $16.20 an hour. The union bosses walk away with millions. That is how it works. Do you think Apple is going to increase the pay of the store workers? Keep reading your DC think tank blogs. You can trust them to tell you the truth. Do you never question anything you read on the internet?

Johnny makes $18. Johnny joins with his fellow workers in a union. They negotiate their wages up to $25 an hour with 10% going to the union. Johnny now takes home $22.50 an hour.

Facts are easy when you can just make em up! Wow it's like I'm having a discussion with Rothbard himself.

Keep arguing without evidence, it's going great.

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Union membership is declining because unions do not work for the middle class. They are designed to funnel money to rich people running the unions. People have wised up to the scam but now they are running the scam on young people who do not know any better and do not know the history of the mafia led unions. Shameful.

How far down your diaglog tree did I have to get before it came to shameful and mafia. Don't sputter out of talking points too quickly now.

What talking points? Unions are traditionally run by the mafia because they are extortionists who extort the middle class worker for protection from the big bad employers. It is just another racket being run on the middle and lower class workers. The scam has been run before and they are trying it again on the younger generation. Are you going to claim that the mafia does not run unions? Leftists are devoid of facts. Unions are not your friend. The teachers union has proven that. Go read your DC think tank blogs and tell us what the facts are again. No one is buying it except for the young or terminally stupid. You are the latter now but you used to be both.

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Girls in general are natural rule-followers. They do well in school because they follow the rules, work harder, pay attention more, etc. Teachers also cut them a lot more slack, especially when they lay on the charm or waterworks.

But boys are still smarter.

And I'd much rather be smarter in the end. Following the rules, paying attention in class, and kissing your teachers' asses can only carry you so far without real intelligence to back it up. And most of the A-student girls I went to school with were dumb as cold shit compared to me on my laziest B-student day. If you need someone to get the grade, fine--go to the girl. But if you need someone to get you to the moon--your best bet is still the guy.

Of course, there are plenty of exceptions, as I'm sure many of you politically-correct pansies will be falling over yourselves to point out.

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[on split infinitives being perfectly acceptable English]

We can thank the niggers and their contributions to the English language for all of the above. In every country in which they are found and with every language they speak, they never speak the language correctly (with the possible exception of Swahili). It's always some kind of pidgin form, and that's despite multiple generations born and raised within that country. If you put one rotten apple in an entire basket full of good apples, the good apples do not transform the rotten apple; rather, the single rotten apple corrupts all of the good apples. This is the niggers' contribution to the English language and has resulted in the lowering of standards everywhere, because after all, we'd hate to offend anyone.

There are people who are idiots and don't think things through. That's why they think someone would say what I just said out of hatred. I can desire that we stop lowering the fucking standards and I can be honest about why they were lowered without hating anyone. Just because you can't fathom that doesn't make it automatically false. So why do I use the word "niggers?" To distinguish the people I am talking about from the black people who give a shit, at least enough not to allow this to happen to them. The problem is the media doesn't have an obsession with fine, upstanding, law-abiding people who happen to be black. It has a love affair with fifth-street gangsta thug-wannabe niggers who abuse women and kill each other for money so they can buy crack, because that's just so cool, right?

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[On "militant atheists"]

Roam through the science section of a book store. There are quite a few out there. Multiple books on the subject. Which amuses me that they would waste so much of their lives dedicated to proving a negative that, according to them, has absolutely no impact on their lives anyways. The most amusing piece for me is that aside from that whole proving a negative problem, they fail their own logic. The very definition of an omnipotent force existing outside of the rules of science pretty much kills science ever being able to prove or disprove its existence. So, they "disprove" the existence of their own concocted definition of God.

Similar to this concept. I can prove right at this moment that I do not have a wizbanglefrat in my hand. Since I get to define what a wizbanglefrat is and it doesn't have to match anyone elses definition of a wizbanglefrat I can indeed state that there is not one in my hand. Then I can proceed to make outlandish statements about anyone who has a differing definition of wizbanglefrat and write numerous books on the subject rather than doing anything actually productive. :)

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(About the present CIA waterboarding scandal)

If these techniques are as heinous as you say they are, why didn't you do something about it five years ago? On the contrary, it appears the opposite happened. Once again, the Democrats have been exposed as the lying, opportunistic shitweasels that they are. They're willing to do anything—even endanger national security—that'll help them get and maintain political power.

They bleat that "dissent is the highest form of patriotism." They need to STFU...they are the last people to tell anyone what is or isn't patriotic or good for the country. I for one am sick and tired of their disingenous sanctimony. That the Republicans lately have been nearly as incompetent as the Democrats have been treacherous is the only reason Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the rest of that misbegotten bunch haven't yet ended up downrange of a firing squad.