BabyFuck McGirlsex #sexist #elitist #crackpot #dunning-kruger

[TeeHee] [120Hz Pill] Proof that foids have inherent flaws that prevent them from being Good Gamers


* The difference between 120Hz and 60Hz is day and night
* Yet Foids cant tell the difference between 120 Hz and 60 Hz
* Gaming requires split second reflexes and a high refresh rate is indispensable in this regard
* How can an animal who cant distinguish between 120 and 60 be a serious gamer?????

Why this discussion is relevant to the Inceldom discourse

Inceldoms biggest cope in the 21st century is gaming, (its second only to porn), and foids have destroyed gaming by their mere presence and they dont even have the inherent physical capability to enjoy the games jfl. Gamergirls are a meme and no self respecting incel will acknowledge, subscribe to, or give money to gamer foids tbh ngl



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