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The premise of this prophetic piece is that the Dark Side has never — EVER — been so desperate. And so brazen. And so reckless. As they are right now.
Which is why The Powers That Be are scrambling as never before.
Is this why the USA will see something very BIG happen this May?
Of course, the New World Order globalist cabal is perfectly aware of these HUGE earth changes coming down the pike as well.
A Bigger Than Biblical Earth Disaster is Coming
Which is exactly why these PROVEN genocidal maniacs will now resort to any scheme whatsoever in order to prevent them all from being hanged live on the Internet.
This month of May already started off with what is planned to be the biggest trigger event for the American Bolshevik Revolution.
For those who doubt the inevitability of divinely ordained catastrophism throughout every sphere of life in 2024, just consider what Election Day will bring to the USA.
That, right there, guarantees that the American Republic will undergo unparalleled trials and tribulations with an outcome which is completely unknown at this crucial point.
Which means that the Khazarian perps will use this month of May to set the stage for all manner of warmongering and rumors of World War III, geoengineered weather disasters and Gladio-style false flag terrorist attacks, draconian assaults on both the First & Second Amendments, train wrecks and ship wrecks in any of the 50 states, supply chain disruptions and food supply collapses, as well as their favorite way to bring about the immediate cessation of whole societies—Plandemic 2.0.

The Uniparty election thieves only have 6 months until Tuesday, November 5, 2024; so they have a LOT of work to do to turn the current Bird Flu psyop into a full-blown national epidemic before they morph it into a global pandemic just in time to incite support for the WHO’s cataclysmic Pandemic Treaty being considered by the 77th World Health Assembly on May 27th.



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