Indian in the Machine #conspiracy #crackpot #wingnut

The whole clone story humanity has brushed under the rug, has resulted in humanity being controlled by a cloned army… clones that have been programmed to destroy the human race… also… many leaders now charged with crimes (or soon to be), are actually clones, that replaced the original a long time ago… think about that humanity, as you demand justice and watch the parade on television of ‘justice’… do you really need a clone to go to jail to feel a sense of justice? Meanwhile… clones need love too.
Look, this has already happened, with Saddam, who is probably still alive somewhere.. the public was given a body double of some sort, to have their ‘sense’ of justice…

Oh, I can see it already happening… a whole bunch of arrests of people that look human, but they are the clones, not the ones they replaced…. not the original… the original is ‘long gone’…

True justice isn’t something you experience with your eyes… true justice comes when love rules.

Humanity will not have justice until it knows love… it isn’t something a judge hands you in a courtroom.

How can humanity have peace without address the cloned nature of it’s world leadership?????

Hint: Trump and Obama are not clones… the bushes are… carter is… bill clinton is… hillary is rumoured to be, but I cannot confirm this.

Hint: Clones age faster than a normal human.



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