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YOU’LL perhaps recall me confessing to Deep State plant Terry Wogan in 1991 that I was the “chosen one”, informing this be-wigged, ignorant stooge – and 18 million of his viewers – that our moon was not a moon, but a hollowed out alien spaceship serving as both observation post and amplifier for frequencies from Saturn that control our minds.

As troublesome as this truth proved to be for Wogan’s tiny mind – a prophet is never accepted in his own lands after all – at least that was a real interview. Watching Andrew being gently tickled by Emily Maitlis last week, it didn’t take long for me to realise the whole thing was a sham – as staged as the moon landings or Tom Cruise’s relationships.

My suspicions were confirmed when Andrew did something that was truly unexpected – he confessed. To everything. His true alien nature, I mean.

With the jaw-dropping admission that his reptilian body was incapable of sweating, it seemed he was finally confirming all my theories about his extraterrestrial bloodline – even going as far as to accompany this revelatory confession with repeated flicks of his tongue and strobe-like blinking to moisten his serpentine, bulging, swiveling eyes under the harsh studio lights.

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The Trump knew that is on earth and with the help of senior officers, won the elections and began the struggle.

So he trained thousands of soldiers for special missions, for ground battles. In fact, articles write about the cost of half a million dollars and more.

Of course, most of the information available on this subject says that there was training, just to prepare for battles with different countries. The purpose is not clearly stated. Underground battles, in tunnels on underground bases.

Of course, it may be for ground battles, but Trump had a different purpose. To clean the dirt from all over the planet and to liberate humanity.

That is why almost all politicians in the world were annoyed by his victory in the elections.

They know the reason very well, but we also know now.
All political leaders know what’s going on, but no one is talking.

Trump’s main concern is to free all young children, babies, who are imprisoned in all these secret bases. Children in the majority under the age of 10, who were abducted from our world.

In America alone, 800,000 children are lost each year.

There is a greater distribution of organ trafficking, medical experiments, using all these children. They even promote them in prostitution, go for human sacrifice and more.
The most basic is adrenochromium, a substance that rejuvenates human cells and is produced by the body when there is fear and pain. It is a substance that is excreted from the human body through a needle that you place in the left eye or back in a vertebra of the spine.