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{note: this is from 7 years ago}

Scathing report says Mounties raped, abused aboriginal girls

I can probably give a little insight into why more police officers grow to dislike natives.

I grew up in a town which had a reserve located just outside of it. I'll start with my experience with them first. If I was getting bullied by someone, it was going to be a native kid. If a kid was being disruptive in class, failing to do assigned homework, or fail tests, likely native.

A half native, half white girl was gang beaten by three or four native girls in a school bathroom. She did end up in the hospital. There weren't charges pressed.

One of my friends while walking through a downtown park was mugged, can you guess by whom he was mugged?

Their parents don't give two flying fucks about their performance in school, how they treat others, or pretty much anything.

My dad, he's RCMP. He dealt with natives regularly, frequent domestic violence calls to the reserve. Typically they would be drunk. Of course he dealt with a variety of calls but the ones to the reserve were easily the most stressful ones.

What other group of people can call essentially an all out war on police forces, firing on them indiscriminately, and not get obliterated in return?


I have never met a group so entitled and lazy as reserve natives in my life. Hell, I regularly get complaints about charging them taxes on fucking pizza. They get $10, 000 dollars in government money for doing nothing, over something that happened 150 years ago http://www.firstperspective.ca/news/2462-first-nations-dole-out-10000-federal-settlement-cheques and then they complain about $5 taxes

Of course I'm a decent human being and give everyone multiple chances to prove they aren't a dick head. I don't let my previous experiences effect how I treat new people, but not all people do. After dealing with shit like this themselves, and watching others deal with similar shit, I can understand why they'd have a hard time being pleasant all the time.

Also, don't think for a second I'm trying to excuse RCMP actions for what may, or may not have occurred with this girl. That is undeniably fucked up if true.



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