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[RageFuel] The audacity of people on r/DACA

Sometimes I browse subs like r/povertyfinance or r/DACA to read about people who have it worse than me and feel better about myself and occasionally I get reminded that unless theyre also incel they really dont For example take this post on r/DACA:

Is anyone else exhausted to the point where they wonder why life is worth living when the government they work so hard to contribute good things for thinks of you as a deplorable item? I don't think people ever fully understand unless they're in our shoes the kind of pain and suffering we go through just to try to make a living while being in limbo. Even if it's a United States problem, I can't fathom how I can keep being alive in a world where people can classify others differently based on being brought to this country without a choice. Idk how many of us go day to day masking how we really feel just to get by but there has to be someone else who feels the same. I feel so alone. It's so selfish to say as I have a loving wife who would die for me and a decent life with an amazing job yet it's just gotten to me to the point where I feel like why do I bother? Life shouldn't have to be like this, the internal suffering is too much, I know things change but why does it have to be this big a deal in the first place? Why does life with daca feel like a punishment? I don't know how much more of the uncertainty I can take, it hurts. It really really really hurts

This post legit sent me flying into a rage Imagine having a wife who loves you and youre complaining about life and how lonely and unfair it is and asking if its worth it just because, get this, youre not a citizen of some rando country JFL Id gladly move to any shithole if I could live with a gf who loves me there, LOL @ money, LOL @ legal status, LOL @ anything else mattering but sex and love Materialistic and vapid reddit cucks, FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU



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