Salustio #sexist

Incels I have a message for you.

You need to start hating women.

Majority of you are stupid whining rats and cucks. Majority of you should die because you are niceguys, feminists, validation addicted and dumb.

So you deserve to be treated like shit, because you are a worthless shit. Most of you are lowIQ as fuck, you believe in conspiracy theories like the flat earth and cultural Marxism, and you are unable to see how tradcucks are dangerous, you are cucks who just want to get the woman, that’s why you romanticize and fictionalize the past, because you are a cuck yourself.

You have to stop being women worshippers. Start hating women instead, stop wasting your time hoping for the return of patriarchy. Patriarchy was a shit system for men and you are stupid. Stop hoping for “the collapse” only because you cannot get laid. You must hate women and manginas.



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