US Anon & The Slayer #psycho #racist

(US Anon)


you lost grinGOYs this is our country now

No. Well eventually just kill all of you, race war is inevitable and you're not as smart as we are. We'll bulldoze over you and force feed you your mother after we ground her meat and wrap it in a corn tortilla, the way you like. See? We're not complete assholes.

(The Slayer)
European Americans will need to secede to preserve their recessive genes in North America. Ideally this would happen after Russia and China have collapsed and Balkanized. Otherwise they’ll fund all sides of a civil war turning the USA into something like the Middle East. Non-Europeans would die from crumbling infrastructure (water going to the Southwest would be cut off) and European-Americans would eventually take back everything lost.

If European Americans don’t secede then on a long enough timeline Castizo USA will wage war on Mestizo Mexico. There’s no racial solidarity between Hispanics, Castizos look down on Mestizos and Mestizos envy Castizos. We have a much larger white population and better stock of whites (Germanic and Anglo instead of Semite and Med). All Mestizo men women and children will be put to the sword and everything to the Panama Canal will be annexed.



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