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[Debate topic: “Should pedophilia be legal?”]

Pedophilia Should be legal Pedophilia was legal in ancient times in Greece and Rome many other countries as well there is no problem ... age is just a number ...

Tender sweet meat It's tender, Tasty yummy sweet meat. Anybody denying attraction to tenders is living a lie. Keep it real is not possible for STUPID people.
BTW, Forceful attempts at children is wrong, This is common sense. Children enjoy a slippery tongue. Children are abused by a culture that denies them love.

It's sexy I think Nothing wrong with making a girl feel things she thinks feels good get them used to it don't be afraid to put thier clothes on them rub thier bodies. Nothing wrong with loving on a sweet little angel. Don't do it hard and get them used to it. Yes it's okay.

My Thoughts on Pedophilia and Racism are Similar I think the attraction to children and racism are okay by themselves, As long as you NEVER act upon them. ...

It's just common sense It wasn't until children were forced to work in brothels that the question of consent came into picture. ... Before then it was common for children as young as 6 years old to be married to adults.
We are used to the idea of consent (modern interpretation) there for we were taught that that's how it is or should be. Age should not interrupt the joining of two people.
… Children are people and have rights under the constitution. Therefore they can decide who they want to share them selves with and ... children are very sexual even at the age of 5 and they know what they are doing. Its obvious when your around it and observe it ...
Not only should pedophilia be legal but it should be illegal to interfere with it. It's more natural than people want to admit to.

Yes due to the fact prohibition will drive attraction Anything prohibited gets extra marketing just off it's bad rep of course until somebody likes it and it becomes the new fad ...



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