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RE: In another example of why #killallmen isn't "punching up" as feminists claim. Karen soldiers detain 47 people, execute the 25 men, and allow the 22 women and children passage. It's something that happens IRL.

"Punching up" is such a profoundly offensive concept. It presumes from the outset that peoples cone in strata; that there is a hierarchy of social status and that it is immutable in all circumstances. It's the kind of 'logic' that tells you if a homeless white guy is talking to Oprah Winfrey, he's the one with all the power.

Some idiots unironically do believe homeless and broke white people have more privilege than Oprah

Furthermore, if you are punching up, that's not much incentive for me to do anything to help you. It means that once you attain power, you will keep punching.

Punching up is what cowards do, because they hide behind their "victim" status to avoid getting punched back.

Yeah "punching up/punching down" is purely an excuse to justify prejudice nothing more.

Context as always matters and if you need to factor in an institution that no longer exists in order to see if something is offensive you already lost the debate.

The fact that “killallmen” is even a thing is disturbing, and especially because they literally just copied what Hitler said about jews.

it's the perfect example of normalized sexism. a world where this can happen, while 'killallwomen' would shock everyone.



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