Fred Williams #fundie

I've been wanting to chime in on this. For starters, though I can't speak for TeeJay I doubt he "wants to execute homosexuals". Instead, he wants it to be a capital offense, there's a big difference. As a capital offense, you would have very few homosexuals to execute, as is shown in countries that have this law. Anyone with any shred of compassion would not want their son or daughter to grow up and decide (yes *decide*, as twin studies have proven) to be a homosexual since their life expectancy will dramatically shrink. In the case of men their life expectancy rivals that of a heroin addict. The homosexual murder rate, suicide rate, sexual disease rate, and drug use rate is dramatically higher than the normal population. The problem is, atheists and unfortunately many Christians fall into the role of Job's friends and question the logic of God, often times without really taking the time to understand the big picture. Instead, they think of the friend or family member they know who is a homosexual and couldn't fathom having the guy or gal executed. But wouldn't it be better if they weren't a homosexual in the first place? Why would anyone want to wish such a depressing and short-lived life on someone? I support homosexuality as a capital offense because God is smarter than I am and He knows it will save tons of lives and make people happier, not "gayer". It would keep the Sandusky's of the world away from kids who themselves (as studies show) because of the encounter become more susceptible to that lifestyle later in life. I, and I suspect TeeJay, supports it because we love the person enough to compel them to live a good, long life, instead of showing them "luv" while we walk them right over the cliff.



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