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Idea: When using Anatomically Precise Manufacturing level technologies (APM) at the molecular or nano scale to construct reality …this allows greater understanding of how material reality can be influenced by our brain waves/scalar waves or thinking into recombining or reflecting that thinking in such ways as to follow from that level of manifestation into material reality… the literal interpretation of the idea that energy follows thought.

As such nano or APM structures could be seen to be ‘telepathic’ and under the influence of the mind of the imagineer.

In other words this is a kind of 4D type of thinking that allows for thoughts to manifest reality.
This is where we can build a new world by first observing the dis-solution of the present one. So rather than seeing destruction everywhere as a negative consider it to be a vastly increased potential for CREATING something NEW.

Fear of destruction is insane in light of the potential for matter to reassemble into viable reality that manifests by virtue of reassembling into something else. Perhaps making it more easily susceptible to influence by the minds present at the time of dissolution.

The question is does something need to totally destruct down to its nano level of existence before reassembling and growing into something else or can something TRANSFORM just as easily by simply thinking it back to its original native components…. a sort of time travel experiment where time is altered in relation to the elements and they REMEMBER… RE-MEMBER their former state. Since all states exist simultaneously in any structure as potentialities or previous and future realities co-existing within everything.

Thus something potentially detrimental to the human being can be influenced to transform itself into something positive instantaneously…. such as GRAPHENE OXIDE can be influenced to remember it’s former disassembled self and revert back to that then dissolve and move out of ones system with greater ease.



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