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Consumption of constant negative outrage news, although important for the masses and further solidifying the red pill in MAGA normies, is simply an unfeasible way to live life through the precipice as an anon.

If you aren't finding ways to live life during this time in the peace of God, then you are doing it wrong.

Subjecting yourself to constant trannie mk ultra is not going to save the world.

Your outrage will only lead to despair if that is all you focus on.
The recipe for success is red pills and knowledge, yes, but then an overload of hopeful, wise, and faith-filled thinking.

I don't know who needs to hear this but the mass exposure of their trannie, child-hating, communist agenda is not actually a sign that we are losing but that mystery Babylon is unveiling itself like never before.

If the darkness reveals itself, like it has been en masse, then won't God respond in remarkable fashion?
Let the doomers ree and meanwhile I'll enjoy the show because I know nothing can stop God from accomplishing His spectacular plans.

I think too many of us are far too focused on the left vs right dynamic for this very reason:

Those brainwashed sheep are the exact people we are working to wake up.

They are not our enemy, the cabal and the demonic forces they serve are.
Oh.. And remember to go outside, put down the phone or computer, and take breaks from social media. Go spend some time in nature and notice how the birds do not seem to realize we are living on a precipice.

The sun shining doesn't seem to recognize the peril of our time. Perhaps there is some level of wisdom to having a calm, cool and collected demeanor in the midst of your trials.

A stoic Patriot becomes a rock in clashing waves.

You are that rock.

You and God are an unstoppable anti-outrage team.

Let all your worry go.

Even for just a few moments.

All will be well in the end.



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