Samaher #sexist #psycho

Samaher: I am 200% in favor of [wife beating]. If a wife cannot put up with her husband when he is annoyed or tired, if she cannot put up with her husband when the financial situation is bad... If a man returns home with no money, not even enough for a pack of smokes and some bread – even if he has nothing – his wife must put up with it. If he is my husband, it is not all about “my dear,” “my love,” and then complaining about him or causing trouble when he slaps me. No, you have to put up with that.
If your husband slaps you, don't run to the police station, to your family, or to the neighbors. Solve your problems at home. Don't run here and there, to institutions, to associations, or anything like that. There are children involved, children that could be lost in the streets. And for what? Because he slapped you? Come on... We should examine why he slapped you in the first place. Maybe she provoked him, and he slapped her?
Sometimes, the purpose of beating is to draw her attention, out of love, so she will not make things worse.

Zina: Can someone beat someone he loves?

Samaher: Yes.
As a Middle Eastern woman, if my husband beats me in front of everyone, I would not say he is wrong. My husband, my honor.

Zina: This is a woman who deserves to be beaten. You deserve to be beaten. If we weren't inside this studio, I would knock you down.

Samaher: Bring it on.

Zina: Women like you deserve to be beaten. What do you say about that? It is my right to defend myself.

Samaher: So defend yourself. I want my husband to beat me. I want my husband to beat me.



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