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Then you're not a Republican.

I am a Republican woman who believes in the right to choose, the right to
same-sex marriage, and banning assault weapons.
There are millions of women like me ready to elect pro-democracy
candidates in November.

@SomeBitchIKnow she Meant I’m a commie

@SomeBitchIKnow We are not a Democracy, we are a Republic. That lady is a Demonrat.

Rina Shah isn't an American , either .

@SomeBitchIKnow This is a huge problem with the useful idiots on the right. It stems from the old jive about being "socially liberal, but fiscally conservative". It starts out as a technique for normalizing behavior by giving people an out, a way of saying they're conservative in some ways or that some behavior is acceptable because it's not the really important stuff.

To be fair, you can believe in those things and still be on the right. The problem is that those people are so incredibly centrist that they can't be relied upon because there aren't any things they hold dear enough to fight for. These are the people who will betray you in a heartbeat because they are fence-sitters, and the moment you do anything that makes them uncomfortable.... they'd rat you out. And it doesn't have to be anything illegal. Just make them uncomfortable or go against the way they think it should be done. They'll drop the dime in an instant and think themselves great for doing it.

@SomeBitchIKnow Dear Rina if that's even a real name. Your 100% NOT a republican what you just said is leftist radical talk. Don't take the republican name and talk like a commie.

@SomeBitchIKnow Absolutely she is just another left wing communist that does not live by the US Constitution. Also, we need to get past the Dem and Rep labels and the question should be are you a Patriot or not. Patriots stand for the country and what is right, not for socialism and communism.

What a smelly 3rd world rat iq whore.




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