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[From "Covid 19 and the faith"]

It is obvious to me that a small but significant proportion of those that have had a single jab have significant brain damage[…]heart damage[…]most who are fully boosted have enough brain damage to render them incapable of properly performing their job, and are significantly impaired in capability to perform physical activity. I see a whole lot of engineers who have lost the capability to handle the problems that they were formerly capable of handling

Everyone who dies “inexplicably”, should be autopsied[…]
There has been a five fold increase in young people deaths that have been categorised with codes equivalent to “other”[…]
We are seeing a profound reluctance to diagnose “inexplicable” deaths[…]
The early test data on the jab showed it was not a vaccine, that it did not prevent, or even substantially reduce, infection or transmission. It showed benefit in reducing the severity of symptoms, but for flu type diseases[…]
Covid was not the reason for the jab or the lockdowns, but the excuse. Covid 19 is a bioweapon that was created in the lab and then released with the intention that the ensuing panic would enable measures the people would otherwise resist. That the jab causes brain damage is not a side effect[…]
The disease and the jab were developed in advance of the crisis. They were not developed by the medical industrial complex[…]but by the military industrial complex

Big Pharma may want you hooked on expensive drugs, but it does not actually want to kill its customers[…]
The disease was used as an excuse for jabbing people[…]
The state apparatus is full of conspiracies[…]some more successfully[…]
There is a fair bit of evidence suggesting that the core of the Covid conspiracy is the Jesuits, who have been plotting a restoration of Vatican power[…]
The only thing that can beat our enemies is Christian Nationalism



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