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RE: Farmers with ‘Boer Lives Matter’ Banners Storm South African Court

The Afrikaner has a history of standing and fighting.

Yes and we are experts at counter insurgency tactics, we would have beaten the English a second time were it not for them placing woman and children into death camps, taken the whole of Africa at Cuito Cuanavale in Angola if the world did not ditch us I think the kill count was 32 of ours dead & this mostly due to helicopter crashes vs the thousands of theirs, even the Cubans and Soviets avoided us back during clashes there.

WW2 when the South Africans arrived at the battles of El Alamein & so on after they cleared East Africa they took names and kicked donkeys.

There's great land elsewhere, the Earth is enormous, just relocate the farms to the Northern hemisphere. The blacks will not stop killing, it's what they do. Sometimes you just have to admit you lost, pack up and leave.

Nope it's our land, we can still fight, we are now making examples of them day by day said it before they are a cowardly nation if you beat the living life out of one or two they will think twice before doing it again. More and more get their faces rearranged daily if I read the papers here & there seems to be more of them "found next to the road" in what appears to be hit and run's. More like faces batched in, see it this way we gave them their 27 years to be black now it's time to take back.

Their 72 thousand strong army a few years ago 200 of them got killed by untrained rebels in the Central African Republic back in my day we knocked 200 in one hour & the rest ran away.



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