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We are currently living in a grotesque environment of absolute ignorance by the bulk of society so fantastic, that it leads to not only the expectation and embracing of absurd conduct, but also to the full and total normalization of heinous and criminal behavior, violence, theft, gross immorality, and perversion. Obviously, there has always been crime, and the most violent crime, has always been committed or sanctioned by the State itself.

During the past few years, the amount of openly allowed violent behavior has been allowed to rise to monstrous levels, but the theft, immorality, perversion, brutality and disorder, have escalated out of control over the same period. This extreme behavior was for some time happening simultaneously all around the country, and has been ongoing in some regards for years. It began in this cycle with the fake ‘covid’ lockdowns, as the group improperly called “Black Lives Matter,” (BLM) were allowed by this government and its so-called enforcers, to run amok, causing destruction of property, businesses, committing theft, burning, looting, violence, and in some cases death. The bogus claim of ‘racism’ was implemented to excuse this horrid behavior. Another criminal group call Antifa, followed the same pattern, and both are little more than terrorist groups.

To add insult to injury, bring in the depraved transgender nonsense, the promotion by government and media of the so-called ‘LBGTQ+’ crowd, under the ridiculous and idiotic moniker labeled ‘pride,’ and more disorder, perversion, and child abuse is the direct result.
A violent and immoral society can only breed more violence and immorality; leading to the normalization of criminal behavior, which in turn leads to the downfall of all societal cohesion. Allowing a top-down governing system to exist, one that sanctions violence, commits violence, protects the felons, and facilitates crime in order to divide, is anathema to any free society of normal human beings.



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