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"This ends now"

I don't live there but I know enough of how Canada is not going to get out of this fine... I mean maybe relatively better than America but you're all heading to absolute fucking disastee over the next 10 years like you can't imagine and that's even without getting glassed. You Anglos fucked with the wrong Gypsy Jew.

You keep acting like we haven't all relegated our futures to rivers of blood, and a war that will rage on long after we're gone, nigger.

I don't think you fucking commie shit heads have thought this shit through.
You have most definitely underestimated, and discounted everything about your enemy.
Never put your opposition on Death Ground without an egress, lest they fight with a fury of Men facing certain death anyway.
You fucked up, and I think you're beginning to realize this.

Stay deep in your bubble of censorship sucking your own farts, and flinging out all of these limp wristed warnings and "threats".
They mean nothing.
All I hear is frightened static.

Shut the fuck up, and come get some already, you spineless fucking cowards.
You won't do shit.

You're going to burn.



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