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On February 11, the death toll of the strongest earthquake in Turkey and Syria neared 25 thousand people, and hundreds of thousands were left homeless. The tragic events are caused by several reasons, commented on and hushed up.

Among the triggers of the disaster, the use of tectonic weapons is being actively discussed on the Internet. If this really took place, then it was an absolutely crazy idea, given the peculiarities of Earth. It is all covered with hidden and open faults, dormant and active volcanoes, and a retaliatory blow via ley-lines will destroy any country to the ground.

But there were other needle movers overlapped at once. Powerful energy’s impacts produced the Lunar factor. The tension has sharply increased due to the vibes of the approaching Full Moon on February 5. Its exact aspect was at 18:28 UTC in 17 degrees of the Leo-Aquarius axis.

It was during it that a devastating earthquake occurred in Turkey and Syria. At the same time, powerful Solar flares of class M1.5 took place. The electron flux increased, then, lowered, after which it jumped sharply again.
On February 10th, 2023 at 08:55 AM CET, from Siriusians’ Lunar tracking base in 23D came the following latest update. It highlighted the events’ additional and, in fact, the main triggers.

“Under the influence of powerful quantum flows coming from the Galactic Center via the Sun to Earth, pulsed currents are now creating an increased load on the continental plates. This enhances the dynamics of earthquakes; their number and strength grow, thinning the crust at critical points, provoking landslides and sinkholes.

The destabilization of the crust is also affected by the Sun substance in the planetary core, which is displaced and will continue to move to the programmed point. At the same time, the alignment of the Earth’s axis continues, instead of the Polar Star, it is reoriented to the Center of the Galaxy. This will multiply the flow of high-frequency energy from it to Earth.



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