Mr_Wsh #fundie #psycho

[in a discussion about Muslims being supposed to kill apostates]

Mr_Wsh: Yes, This is the result when you leave the RIGHT religion

I don't see anything wrong with that.

You don't see anything wrong with killing people based on their beliefs?

Mr_Wsh: Just in case they left the right one.


TesticleCooker: The right one isn't islam, do I now have the right to kill you?

Obvious sarcasm to point out the double standard

Mr_Wsh: If it's not, then you have the right, iam serious here lol

But islam is the right one soo..

If you disobeyed your creator then you should be killed.

But actually, islam dont kill non-muslim without a reason, but those who exit Islam must die for sure.

Why? because they are not ignorant anymore, they tried the truth and rejected it.



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