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(=Regarding Netflix’s “She Ra”=)

Is everything NOT to do when making a reboot of a masterpiece and story in general. This fanfiction is barely passable. It’s just someone’s creepy fanfiction wet dream. My eyes are still bleeding from the first few episodes. How was this piece of crap greenlit?!

It is shit with its one cent low quality bland animation. The poor animators most likely gets half of a penny per week for doing this atrocious art style. The ethnicity is full of stereotypes. No imagination whatsoever. Masculinity is taboo and every guy has to look like a lesbian and stupid for some reason. Ya know its because sjws HATE men and strong female role models. Everyone and their grandma knows this already. It comes down to women being superior than soy boys out there. Sexist much?! The show is also hellbent on diversity by being racist against white people and this same racism goes towards their anti normal straight couples warpath. Who the fuck cares about actual characters as long as they are bland and uninteresting it’s great with this show.

Netflix has turned off reviews for a reason they don’t want people to rip apart this laughingstock called a reboot. They know how bad it is and won’t say anything. It’s not even a reboot. It’s using the name “She-Ra.” To make a name for itself while slapping the original content in its face and trying to be the next “Steven Universe.” Don’t watch this crap. I don’t even want my enemies to see this crap. That’s how morally wrong this is. DreamWorks what the hell are you thinking? Stop swimming in the acid already.

If you want to see a real heroine who stands up for the weak, and is an actual role model for girls, watch the original series by a creator who poured real sweat and tears into their work. If you want to see real characters with emotions, better animation, and a compelling story see She-Ra from the 80’s.



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