Various incels #pyscho #racist

I just got rejected from the Air Force

Goliathcel: I’m a failure. I’m stuck with payments that I have to make monthly with no job that any competent 12 year old can do that’s willing to hire me.

I got off the phone with the recruiter and I almost made it in but when he found out I’m prescribed Xanax and Adderall, he said that I can’t be on any medications that affect my mood for a minimum of 3 years.

I feel like such a failure. Like a nobody. I wish I were someone else.

undead-hate-machine: It's actually a good thing you got rejected from the cuck force.

sexyloser1128: But on the other hand having our people in the military and other government agencies would have us in the incel revolution and the coming gender wars.

StBlopscel2_is_Lord: Go kill brown peepo for Herr Shekelstein, you bigot!



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