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Virtual MegaBlast Spellworkings are done remotely. No need to ship items. You are given a ritual date. Once done you get an email letter outlining what we did and what you do next. All requirements are catered to, including:

Matters of the heart.
Money and business.
Return a lover.
Keep a lover (binding)
Court and legal work.
Protection and spiritual cleansing
Past life influences on the present
Police shield – dodge the law.
Spirit possession and hauntings.
Get rid of troublesome people
Remove a hex.
Fix a boss.
Stop your spouse or lover straying.
Gain psychic power.
Gambling luck.
Dominate a person or situation.
Get rid of the other woman or man.
Remove a bad neighbor.
Stop Gossip.
After sunset, Dark Angel and I go into a visionary trance, and travel out-of-body to the etheric plane where we perform the necessary ritual work at an old manor house with ornate gardens and a moat. (This place mirrors a house in everyday reality, but is in the formational world of the etheric realm).
From there we are able to connect with the entity or spirit that will apply its numinous energies to your issue or situation.

With these spiritual forces, their voices differ, some are gentle and smooth, others are harsh. Mostly it’s hard to take in what they say.

But when an entity’s voice is clearly discernible, the language used always has an archaic ring to it.

The words produce a very powerful feeling, one of being unstoppable and at the same time inspired.

At that point we petition the spirit or entity to use its powers to help resolve your situation and bring a favorable outcome.

When the vision fades, Dark Angel and I make our way back through the ornate gardens of the manor house, and return to everyday reality.
We perform our Virtual MegaBlast Spellworking for you within five to seven days of your order. Then email you to let you know how it all went and to give you advice on what you can do next.

High Performance Vudu Delivered Fast…

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Doktor Snake #magick #mammon doktorsnake.com

Cast at the dark of the moon, the Johnny Redstone rite is known among a selective cabal of shamans as one of the most powerful workings around. It’s not only unique, but is somewhat hazardous to the practitioner (to put it mildly). It’s the kind of magick only a fool would perform too often. Once a year is the maximum. And in truth, even that is a tad too often.

Why is the Johnny Redstone rite so hazardous?

It involves travelling the etheric plane via lucid dreaming and dealing with the denizens of the Black Lodge. It’s a place where hell-birds fly and black animals come out of their lairs – not to mention entities that are only too happy to cast a glamour on you and lead you into the realm of eternal limbo.
Johnny Redstone himself, however, is essentially benevolent. Despite him going over to the darkside and becoming a demonic entity (in a bid to cheat death in life), he still retains a degree of humanity. Thus it is possible to deal with him and exact his assistance in casting spells that bring given desires to fruition in the everyday world – be it money, power, love, lust, protection, or whatever.
I enact the rite in a graveyard at midnight during the time of the shadow moon (dark of the moon) when the strange hellbirds fly and the black animals come out of their lairs. Out of this obsidian menagerie – at the culmination of the ritual – walks Johnny Redstone…

He has the look of a biker, leather, tattoos and outlaw kitsch. This is because, as I say, he was once human – a fierce, savage (yet full of instinctive intelligence) motorcycle club member from the U.S. west coast who got shot up over a drug running dispute in the early 1970s.

After death he became a demonic entity due to the fact that, in life, he was adept in the art of traveling the etheric plane.
Virtual edition (leave it to the experts)
Only $1,000.00 No Shipping Fees.

DELIVERY: Via email.

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Dream of sexy girls on your arm?

Flash car?

Money to throw around?

You can work to get it.

But that takes years.

Or you can harness the power of vudu…

With our hardcore Conjuration Servitor.

Truth is, you want to live the good life. You wanna be dripping in gold. You want sexy girls around you. And you want a flash car that makes people look.

In short, you want money and sex.

All this takes work. A lot of sweat and toil. It’s not on a plate.

Thing is you can work hard all your life and still be driving a used car, and dating somebody who was once a looker, but now has gone to seed. Then you wonder where your life has gone. All those dreams you had didn’t come to anything.

Worse still, you see lots of other guys driving top end BMWs and Porches with sexy girls hanging on to their every word, not to mention sucking their dick whenever they want it sucked.

You’re like, if only I had that.

Yeah right.
Vudu connects your deep mind with the etheric plane. This is when things start happening. Lucky coincidences come your way, the right kinda people enter your life, and more deals are struck, thus your bank account (or better your crypto) will grow faster.
It’s down to calling on powerful spirits on the etheric plane. Luminous beings that mostly don’t care about us humans. But they can be called upon. And if you strike a mutually beneficial deal with them, then they’ll direct their energies towards your cause.

From there, your worldly desires will manifest in the everyday world.

Recognize that this doesn’t necessarily happen overnight. BUT it can be fast in some cases.
<Price available by email apparently>