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Nothing grieves my heart more than that which is being done to children in this modern society. Children, helpless, defenseless children.
GOD puts children in families. It is a gift that comes with responsibility. Children come into this world completely dependent on the adults around them. There is NOTHING they can do for themselves. They cannot even let you know what they need or what is wrong. THAT is what makes them so vulnerable. EVIL PEOPLE can do UNSPEAKABLE things to them with no fear of repercussion because they KNOW that babies and small children cannot speak out what has been perpetrated upon them. They most often don’t even know or understand what has happened.

In THIS INSANE ASYLUM we call modern society, where everyone is demanding acceptance and inclusion and declaring that they are loving human beings, while they act like animals and even mutilate their bodies so they can look like animals as they spew their hatred for everyone and anyone who does not submit to their tyranny and confess support for their madmess, people are treating the precious gift of life as it were totally without value. They are ready to KILL anyone who angers them or does not agree with them. They are willing to murder their unborn children so they can continue to pursue their lusts. They rape men, women and/or children according to their lusts. They even sexually molest tiny babies. Now, they may be able to buy and sell babies/children legally with the blessings of the STATE. IT IS BEYOND MY COMPREHENSION!

YOU had better understand that GOD SEES ALL THINGS! If no one else loves those children, GOD DOES! MORE than any human heart or mind can comprehend. WOE, WOE, WOE to ANYONE who harms a little child. You may or may not see the repercussions in this world, but one day, you will stand before ALMIGHTY GOD.

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I now how people love to see all the pictures from space and hear all the stories of the wonders that James Webb has discovered. DAILY we see reports that James Webb is completely shattering everything we know about our Universe.

Makes for great press. People eat it up. BUT IT IS SOLID BULLSHIT. All created out of the imagination of AI using lights, smoke and mirrors. I hate to break anyone’s bubble. And, if you want to go on buying into their artificial reality, I won’t hold it against you. Do whatever you CHOOSE. Just remember choices always have consequences, though they may not manifest immediately, they come.

The truth is we live under a firmament. Created by GOD ALMIGHTY. Nothing and no-one has broken through it. Space is water above the firmament. God separated the waters above from the waters below. There are no galaxies “OUT THERE” at least none that we can know or explore. Unless or until GOD reveals them.

The sun, moon and stars, including the wondering stars are all directly above our heads and within the firmament. GOD set them there as lights and as signs FOR US. So that we can know the TIMES and the SEASONS.

THERE ARE NO SATELLITES circling “the globe”. There is NO GLOBE. The earth is flat and stationary and cannot be moved. The sun, moon and stars circumnavigate the surface of the earth in a circle. Well, kinda more like a spiral.

Our GPS and our Internet is not provided for us via Satellite. When you really understand what they have been building around us it should make you angry.

MY DEFINITION OF A LOON: ANYONE WHO STILL BELIEVES WHAT MAINSTREAM NARRATIVE, whether it is coming from the Media, Technology Giants, the Medical Industry, Think Tanks, Universities, The Pope, the “CHURCH”, Politicians or any other Mainstream Organization.

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We have been warning you, the elite have been telling you they are moving you into a new way of eating. They tell you it is to save the EARTH. THEY ARE LIARS!

Please folks if you do not know what I am talking about, or you think you don’t care what I am talking about…PLEASE do yourself a favor and ignore that thought. READ THIS POST!!! THIS INFORMATION IS VITAL TO YOUR FUTURE. PASS IT ALONG TO YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY and even strangers and folks you don’t like.

There are so many people who are hypnotized, blinded and unable to discern truth. They believe what the MEDIA tells them. THEY ARE LOST! WHEN THIS FOOD CRISIS COMES DOWN… THEY WILL FALL PREY.

I pray that buy the end of this post you will be certain that our food sources are being destroyed, our supply chain is being controlled and we are being FORCED to eat what is abominable and damning. Our eternal fate lies in how we deal with this crisis.
FOOD is a matter of life and death. Not only physically but spiritually. Natural food which people have been eating since the world began, meat, vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits, provide the nourishment that our bodies required because they get them from the sun, earth and water. God created this world to work perfectly and abundantly. There is no lack with GOD, he created everything and HE is the one who provides for us. We must eat what GOD said we should eat. To do otherwise will not only bring about our physical death, it will bring about our SPIRITUAL DEATH which is forever!!
The earth as we know it is coming to an end. THERE IS NOTHING humanity can do to stop or change that TRUTH. No matter how many bugs you eat, no matter what you do.. the end is upon us. BUT, while we are here, we can live in HIS abundance. HE is our PROVIDER. The reason the world is in a mess is because mankind has turned their back on GOD and his precious gift of SALVATION!

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I am 70 years old!! I have seen America go through so many changes. As the baby boomer generation we were very blessed. We got to experience the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA at its very best. We grew up in a Christian environment, for the most part. Safe secure, happy and blessed. Even the poorest citizens enjoyed many blessings unknown to the rest of the world. EVERYONE wanted to live HERE!
I saw many changes in my life time, but the pace of change has escalated now to such a point it leaves your head spinning. The world I see today looks NOTHING LIKE the world in which we grew up. Quite frankly, at this point, the world is pretty scary. For anyone who does not know the LORD, it must be terrifying!

Everyone today is in a perpetual rat race. Chasing after things that do not satisfy.
I purchased some books I thought might help me figure out what I need to change to bring in a better income. I would read them all the way to the end only to discover that they ended up telling me to do what the Rich people are doing: 1) Move all you money offshore (of course I knew that was WRONG, and I was certain not even legal. Besides the fact that I did not have any money to move) 2) Call on the Ancient Ascended Masters for wisdom and guidance. WHAT??? That is right folks. That is what they recommended and that is what they said the RICH PEOPLE DO.

Well, my Daddy didn’t raise any fools. I knew better than that. Calling on SPIRITS is evil. Forbidden and DANGEROUS! No matter who they claim to be they are not from GOD. The only spirits you can be talking to are demonic spirits. Unless you are talking to the Holy Spirit. You would have no problem knowing the difference. One leads to GOD and the other leads you to HELL.

Anyway, that is a big reason why so many people today have fallen away from GOD and are serving MAMMON/MONEY. They chose to put their faith in the World’s system instead pf trusting GOD and learning to be happy with what He provides.

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The 1% control the media, religion, sport, the world of celebrity etc, and they use these mechanisms to harvest the thought energy we create. They use the power of numbers, names, astrology and all manner of things, known and unknown, as tools to create and harvest energy.
Now, lets take a look at the sudden death of Prince.
On April 21, 2016, the world was told that Prince Rogers Nelson had been found dead in an elevator at his Paisley Park Studio, his Minnesota home was within the studio complex.
In his “Lets Go Crazy” single, Prince had equated an elevator to the Devil, and the lyrics were all about fighting that Devil and when the Devil wants to take you down, you bang the elevator wall and demand to be brought up closer to God. In an interview with Chris Rock Prince explained the meaning.
“And if the elevator tries to bring you down,
Go crazy, punch a higher floor”
In the Canaanite pantheon of Gods EL was the supreme deity, isra-EL, michaEL, gabriEL etc.
So more than just a bit ironic that he was found dead in an EL-evator!
At 9.43 a.m. The Carver County Sheriff’s Office received at 911 call from an unidentified male requesting an ambulance be sent to Prince’s Paisley Park home/studio. The male initially said Prince was unconscious, later in the same call he said he was dead. Emergency services arrived, CPR was administered, he was unresponsive and at 10.07 he was pronounced dead.
Born Saturday June 7, 1958, died Thursday April 21, 2016, he was 57 years old when he died.
Those who are familiar with my past work, will already be aware that various elements of major news stories connect directly and indirectly to the British Royal family.
Prince’s death was on the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, and both stories were headline news across the world. A Prince is of course a Royal title, and the colour most associated with Prince is purple. The Royals claim to rule by divine right, and they believe their bloodline gives them the divine right. The colours associated with blood are red and blue, they wear red or blue sashes to emphasis the notion that they carry the correct blood line, this tradition goes right back to the Pharaohs, they wore a red or blue sash to denote that they were Royal. Carvings of ancient Mesopotamian Gods & Kings show them wearing sashes, although it is not known what significance they had, or what colour they were.
When red and blue are mixed they form purple, which is considered to be the most majestic royal colour.
Prince of course sang Purple Rain, and he was obsessed with the colour purple and was often shown either wearing purple or bathed in purple light.