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You might as well have sent me a triangle with an eye, you brainwashed government zombie. It's all a trick, the government knows video games increase intelligence, so it dumps truck loads of money straight from the mints on the media to only show children playing them. This way, only children have intelligent ideas and intelligent ideas are seen as childlike and we all fall in line and stop thinking outside the box.

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After a lot of research, Ive come to the startling conclusion that Walt Disney and his company are secretly a sect of satanists.

I started noticing this when my cousin was watching Peter Pan the other day. she wanted me to look up the 'second star to the right' lyrics, so I did.

And I'll realized: It's all Satanic.

Here are the lyrics:

The second star to the right shines in the night for you, to tell you that the dreams you plan really do come true.

The second star to the right shines with a light so rare; and if its neverland you seek its light will lead you there.

Ok, nothing bad, right? Wrong.

The 'second star to the right' is talking about the morning star or LUCIFER. Plus, the star is the global symbol of witches and devil-worshipers. 'Neverland' refers to HELL, nad Peter is a child-stealing demon!!

And that's just one movie.

I looked up the rest of them, and re-watched a few. I'll just list some examples of blatant Satanism in the movies:

--In The Lion King, there is no God, and everyone worships their ancestors. that's blasphemy.

--in The Little Mermaid, Ariel goes around naked but for a sea shell bra!! That directly violates the bibles instructions to dress conservatively. its no wonder so many women get raped.

--Do I even need to start on Hercules? It says all the Greek gods are real. Again, goes wayyy against the bible. What if your kids start worshiping Zeus?

--The Hunchback of Notre Dame is the WORST. It makes Christianity look evil(The only Christian is the only villain!) and promotes Witchcraft. How could anyone not notice this any sooner?

--Mulan has the same ancestor worshiping crap that the lion king has.

--Beuty and the Beast makes it look like animals can be smart and equal to humans. That's just plain retarded. not to mention beastiality.


--Cinderella also encourages Witchcraft.

--Snow White is probably the least bad, but i havnt rewatched it yet to make sure.

--Sleeping beauty has fairies.

--A ton of these movies have talking animals, which also makes it look like animals are equal to humans. Don't kid yourselves, people, they're here to eat.

In addition, I found this website

it's about Narnia, whose movie Disney helped make.

I'll keep you updated on my research.

Anyone agree, or have anything to add?

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How do we stop the madness. Science shouldn't dominate and rule humanity.but the cult of science is using it's innovations to try controlling the future and the path humanity takes. For example ,tranhumunaism (the merge between humans and robotics) ai. And robots for war. And jobs. Cern is practically worshipped. Yet it's evil could destroy the world. We must stop them. The singularity approaches. And those individuals and groups want control. If science dictates everything. An idealism of materialistic dogma will take over the world. And destruction will unfold.

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Seriously, just stop it already. Anything is possible and everything is real. There's no such thing as not real, there is only things we currently understand and things we have yet to understand. I know most of you who say anime isn't real are a bunch of dumb little kids who don't know how to use science, but science says that there are an infinite amount of universes, each with their own laws of physics. This means that anything and everything exists somewhere and all my waifus are real, so you're just really dumb since all the smartest scientists agree with me and not you, LOL!

This is why I'm going to become a scientist for studying dimensions, whatever those are called, so I can go to any anime universe I want to and ask my waifus to have sex with me because I'm really handsome and people say I'm ugly because they're so jealous of how handsome I am.

People who don't believe in what they can't see are people who worship the Devil because not worshiping God is worshiping the Devil because the Devil is for people without faith in anything beyond their eyes and what a bunch of dumb scientists tell them. This is why you will burn in Hell for hating God and saying anime isn't real, LOL!

Also, once I get rich and famous for how smart and talented I am which WILL happen, I'm gonna tell Donald Trump to deport anyone who thinks anime isn't real to Mexico and change this to our new country flag while giving you the middle finger: http://sta.sh/01ufz6qetkdk

We're also gonna start making anime in the United States too because Japan is homophobic and doesn't have gun rights and they don't deserve it!

Peace! Make America great again!

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Women demand to be treated equally as men. But, what makes them think they deserve it?

I mean, they actually have nothing to offer, Men have superior intellect, Men work harder,Men are stronger, Men are more moral and kind, Men think using reason and logic, Men are the ones who keep things running. Women only have wet holes to offer and that isnt even that grand. So they get worshiped by betas and this over inflates their egos. They're all just illusions , take away the make up, perfume, done up hair and fancy clothes and ask yourself what is she really offering me? Nothing, yet the way they act these days is off putting,the way they speak , act , think , full of pride and ego.

In a relationship, men provide cars, a house, money etc...what do women offer?

Men are on the top of the world, they run the world. Women dont. So why should they have equal rights?

Its not realistic...its just not realistic.

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I'm so happy I'm not a woman and I don't have all these crazy chemicals in my head. It's like constantly being on drugs. Which is sort of what I'm like, but my drugs are way better then those crazy drugs women have in their brain naturally. You think my drugs are bad? What about the crazy drugs you have in your brains growing naturally?

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Woe unto thee, oh sinful cities of America

Words of disabled prophet Gabrielle, daughter of Levantine the Byzantine believer in Christ.
WOE UNTO THEE, oh sinful cities of America.
What are you doing?
Have you not forgotten what happened to New Orleans a decade ago?

Will you not pay heed to constant warnings from God and his Prophets?
There are many prophets prophesying now
Yet you indulge in carnal pleasures
pleasures of the flesh
Even unto San Francisco
And Los Angeles, the cities of Sin

Turn back to God!

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I recommend doxxing [people who rat out drug dealers] and placing their information on the deep web.
You see, if they move away and escape any drug dealers looking for retaliation, they could still face punishment for their crimes against freedom from people on the deep web who are unrelated to the drug dealers. I mean to be honest, I support killing them.

If you want to give them some hilarious irony, then SWAT them. Call a bomb threat on their home, hopefully a SWAT cop with a lose finger will accidently shoot them in their homes. That would be the most hilariously ironic end for them.

[[What the fuck is wrong with you?!]]

I don't like it when people threaten industries that provide me with the services that I want...You're a fascist who thinks that people ought to be denied the right to trade goods and services voluntarily.

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I know this may sound very sexist at first, but women are using Twitch to harm men, so really I'm stopping female bigots.

There are no women on Twitch who actually enjoy playing video games. I hate to break this to you, but all the "girl gamers" you look up to on Twitch are really just women working a job to earn money. Basically, they dress slutty and put on a show for any men that donate them money because they've figured out that many socially awkward men who can't get laid try to drown out their depression with online gaming and are thus likely to end up on Twitch and develop a pipedream that if they're nice enough to said woman, she'll sleep with them. But this never actually happens, they just throw away their lifesavings to a girl who's already in a relationship and secretly hates video games.

Twitch was meant to be a place where people go to show off their gaming skills, not a place where manipulative women go to suck socially awkward/ugly men dry of their cash by jiggling their boobs. Think about why we have gender segregation in abuse shelters, it's because men wouldn't stop abusing women. Now we need to bar women from Twitch because they won't stop abusing men.

There are women who enjoy playing video games, but they're all outcasts because they don't behave like women should and are thus not interested in something like Twitch.

Please pass the word around so that Great Leader can pass a law banning women from using Twitch.

Peace! Make America great again!

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So I talked with the priest at the local church about why God won't make Winry real and he gave me the dumbest bullshit I've ever heard. For God's sakes, it took me nearly 30 minutes to walk to the church and he didn't even tell me how to get God to answer my prayers. Literally all he did was blab about how I need to overcome the deadly sin of Lust and made me put away my 3DS while talking to him. Ignoring the fact that it was near impossible to see the screen until I was got inside the church. And to top it all off, as much of an idiot as I was, I decided to stop at some pizza restaurant near the church and when it came time for me to pay for the pizza, I realized that I forgot my wallet. I was told that I had to bring the money for the pizza there within five hours if I wanted to be let off the "hook". So I had no choice but to walk back to my house, back to the pizza restaurant and then back to my house again because my dad wouldn't be back within 5 hours. But the worst part was, my 3DS died right in the middle of my second trip there, so I had to walk all the way back to my apartment to charge it before heading out again. Then by the time it was all over, I decided to eat another two slices of pizza before heading back home, only to realize that I only had three dollars left in my wallet after paying for the first two slices. So I had to make a trip once again and I was EXHAUSTED. And the very worst part is, I tried to switch out Mario vs. Donkey 2: March of the Minis for Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story while on my way back to get the money for the second time after I left the pizza restaurant and I accidentally dropped it and it fell down a sewer cover. I then took out my pocket knife and started undoing the screws so that I could get it back, but some stupid police officer stopped me and wouldn't even get the game himself because "Public safety is more important than a save file I spent days on!" This is all that stupid priest's fault! Why couldn't he have just told me how to make Winry real?! Isn't God supposed to grant miracles?! That's why I want to take this stupid fraud to court.

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Today's women are so fat. Women looked so much sexier when they were skinny. I don't have any actual pictures of these women because we started processing food before cameras were invented, but you can see how thin women are supposed to be by looking at anime:

In case you didn't know, anime is based off of ancient Japanese art and ancient Japanese art was based on the world around them. Without knowing it, the Japanese created a record of how women are supposed to look.

For comparison, here's a woman from the age of processed food cosplaying as this same girl:

To me, it's actually scary how much processed food has affected the bodies of women over the years.

Don't get me wrong, women can still be very kind, beautiful and intelligent even with their extra body fat, but that doesn't mean it's a good thing to be fat. You women need to take an example from ancient Japan and eat more healthy things.

I'm also sick of whale-sized feminists who are even fatter by comparison to the cosplaying girl as she is to Winry complaining when Japan makes anime women skinny. I mean, what does not showing healthy women have to do with gender equality? We are not going to erase history just to make you whales feel more comfortable in your bodies. However, if this keeps up, I fear that all women may eventually become whales.

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Donald Trump is our leader and thus deserves the full respect of each and every one of his subjects. But feminists spit on him just because he's successful and male. They use content where he made harmless and playful jokes about women from back in his days as a comedian to claim that he's sexist when anyone with an IQ with at least 3 digits knows that our great leader would never actually do anything sexist. And yes, I would still support Trump if he was female. And yes, I would still forgive this female Trump if she said that she likes to grab men by the cock. You know why? Because that was just a harmless and playful joke.

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So I started advocating for the rights of black people and they all started bullying me for being white.

I really don't understand what the big idea is. Are black people just naturally racist jerks or are they too mad at white people to forgive them even if they stand up for them?

I don't want to end up hating black people, but I want a valid answer to this or I'm just gonna assume that I was wrong about black people and they deserve to be oppressed.

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Nazis should stop being satanized by the Jewish controlled Hollywood movie industry:

National Broadcasting Company
Colombia Broadcasting Station
Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Warner Brothers
Sony Pictures
Music Television
Logo (Gay network part of Viacom)
America Online
Time Warner Cable
American Broadcasting Company
Murder Inc (Ironically, the same name as the Jewish Mafia), owned by Atlantic Records, subdidiary of Atlantic Records Group, subsidiary of Warner Music Group, subsidiary of Warner Communications Inc, owned by Time Warner, founded by Steven Jay Rechnitz...

You act as if I am just blatantly blaming Jews with no reason, and that is because you do not research what I do.

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Women don't fight back if a male rapes them because like you said 1. they aren't as strong and 2. deep down they secretly enjoy it. Most women are cock hungry sluts and if they get raped they not only enjoy it more, but they can obtain the victim card, which insures that they can have their 10 minutes of fame to feed their Ego's. Women love to be the center of attention and are ALWAYS craving cock, what better way to kill two birds with one stone?

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When women start talking, it reminds me of a line from The Simpsons where Comic Book Guy says, "If I wanted to hear mindless droning, I'd befriend an air conditioner." And this is the point. All women do is mindlessly drone on and on. I have never met a man (from any walk of life) that has a genuine interest in what women have to say or how they feel.

99% of women are crazy. I would say you are stupid creatures but, the fact is that women are calculating, manipulative beings by nature. Yes, all of you, especially the innocent appearing ones. When it comes to relationships, this varies in degrees as I and every man has experienced this to be a fact, it is virtually a meme at this point. Aside from this fact, I can now say women are generally, not the brightest individuals (yes I expect some celebrity names to be mentioned) but that doesn't matter. Public appearances don't mean anything.

You are all not worthy of marriage or being invested in in any way. You have nothing to offer as women. In short you are all a waste. And this seems to be almost ALL the women I see. I don't hate you for it, that is just your reality. I'm not mad at you, just making it clear. I don't even waste words on a hot woman. I am not shy, or afraid, or none of that. Those women just tend to be the stupidest of the bunch and their droning is specifically annoying. These are the women that are rendered "good for one thing" but I don't promote this view as it contradicts my beliefs. This woman should be thrown to the curb first.

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So apparently, while men are much more likely to commit martial rape in heterosexual relationships, when it comes to homosexual relationships, lesbians are far more likely to rape each other than gays.


12% of gays will be victims of martial rape in their lifetimes, whereas 31% of lesbians will. This is just priceless. Call my gender the rapist gender one more time, I dare you.

I can already hear the feminist tears flowing because this proves that the reason why heterosexual rape almost always involves a man raping a woman isn't because women are nicer, have better self control or are programmed not to rape, it's because they're too scared to attack men because they're almost always stronger and because it's very rare for a man to deny a woman sex. But change it up to equal playing grounds and women are more than TWICE as bad as men. LOL!

Spread this across the internet! I've finally found the cure for the feminism cancer! This will change the world and men will finally regain their rights! Remember to praise me for your victory!

Peace! Make America great again!

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marital_rape

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Honour dueling should be reinstated as an acceptable social activity. Dueling would provide a much-needed restorative to our increasingly vulgar and reckless political landscape.A duel would be fought using either swords or pistols. As a practice, it would ultimately increase civility in society.


Dueling actually prevents violence.

(submitter note: this is not a troll post; I checked to make sure.)

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Many seem to believe that banning Islamic immigration from the west will prevent terrorism. This is not the case.

Islamists are already living in our backyards and as our neighbours.
Most of these men (and women) are not coming directly from third-world countries with plans, no, it is mostly from here that these villains are plotting their acts of terror against the sovereign people.

Imprisonment is not enough. These men (and women) do not change their mentality in the prison ; too often the time in prison only strengthens their barbarism.

The events of the last several years have shown us that we can no longer tolerate the presence of these wolves on our soil.

Fire, blood, and death are needed to preserve western civilization itself.

As the President of the United States stated in his Inaugural address, the policy when dealing with Islamic extremists must be one of extermination, and that there must be absolutely no limit to our ferocity.

Their instruments of fanaticism and superstition must be smashed.

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National Socialism was great for most white Germans. They had plenty of freedom, in some ways more than we have now. Ironically, the propaganda surrounding what actually happened in National Socialist Germany far out-weighs the propaganda of the actual National Socialists (not that propaganda is necessarily a bad thing). Anyone who went against national interests was violently oppressed, of course (as they should have been). Beyond that, you could live your life with a great deal of freedom.

[[The Nonaggression Principle is the bread and butter of any libertarian, and the Nazis routinely trampled all over it.]]

Fuck the NAP. Individualism is for faggots. I'd be perfectly happy in National Socialist Germany.

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Blacks and Jews use the media to promote the destruction of white family units, to promote the gay agenda, to destroy white women's minds with feminism, to encourage white women to be sluts and to take black, Jewish, Muslim, and Mexican dick. Everything to destroy the white race demographically.

Seadragon666 #racist forum.deviantart.com

(Now he's being both racist AND sexist)

In the western world, white women are refusing to have children and form families. White women want to have fun, make money, a family and children are not important for them anymore. As a result, the population of white people is below replacement levels.

Germany, Sweden, Canada, and others have decided to replace white people with immigrants from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. As a result, these nations are heading into extreme poverty, civil war, and genocide. The cure is killing the host.

The USA is in panic mode, they believe that by controlling abortions and pushing Christian values, they can have better results, but it won't work.

I believe that the solution is in science. White men cannot rely on white women anymore. Human cloning should be legalized. Artificial wombs should be developed to clone humans. Women can be replaced with robots to satisfy men's needs. We better hurry developing these technologies or there will be no future for civilizatio

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Im not saying that the entire female species are bad. Im talking specifically about young women (age between 18 and 20-something). Ive tried to give them a chance a dozen times but it turned out theyre all entitled, stuck up, shallow, gold digging, neurotic cunts.

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Im 26,male and single since forever...by choice. My friends and family are always telling me to find a gf, but I dont see the point of having one. In a relationship, women have nothing to offer except their pussy/sex and I dont need a gf for sex as long as I can masturbate. Men on the other side provide everything else in a relationship, so as a man I wouldnt have any benefit from it, no, I would have to give and give and the only thing I would get in exchange is a wet hole.

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After hundreds of years living next to each other, African Americans and White Americans continue to clash.

What is the best final solution to this problem?

I have two solutions.

1. Relocate all African Americans back to Africa with a minimum guarantee income.

2. Give blacks independence and freedom on their own country. A country created by giving them the state of Florida.

Two peaceful solutions.

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I hate trespassers.FUCKING HATE THEM. They disrupt my privacy,make my insurance rates go up, and they often either litter or disrupt my KEEP OUT signs. If a homeowner(that pays property taxes,mind you) has the legal right to kill a person breaking into their home, why shouldn't they have the legal right to rape a person caught trespassing on their property(considering that the individual is not under 16)?The homeowner one way or another is having to pay for these assholes,money that could be spent on more important things and I believe that a law like this would deter trespassers and bring prices down. What do you guys think?

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(RSR just doesn't know when to give up)

Due to how popular my law for stopping the rape of females was, I decided to write out this too out of popular demand.

If a man rapes another man, he should be given a lengthy jail sentence and have his balls cut off because men deserve to make a decision on whether or not they accept such sex. Unless the man is one, two or all of the following:



A feminist

This way, gay rapists will limit themselves only to gay and bisexual men who want sex from men all the time and men who present themselves as feminine and need to be taught a lesson about manliness.

If a woman rapes a man, she should be let off the hook because men want sex all the time from women anyway, unless any one, several or all of the following conditions meet:

The man is gay - 95% of female on male rape involves a gay man

The man is asexual

The man is under 12

The woman doesn't provide him a condom

The woman is ugly

Just like my other law, it's unlawful to perform any of this while the man is being operated on at a hospital or in a situation where taking him away from it would put others in danger.

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I just didn't care to since I couldn't help but laugh at how hilarious it is that you think that people in the United States actually have rights over their bodies.

Women CAN be raped without being sluts, but it's MUCH more unlikely and making rape against sluts legal would stop the rape of respectable women.

I hope you do realize that the reason we think rape is so traumatizing is because only the traumatized make a scene over it. Sluts who want to get raped just enjoy an orgasm and move on.