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On August 28, 2023 Elena Danaan shed light on what could have happened in the village of Laihana on the Hawaiian island of Maui. In an earlier article we spoke about the satellite technology and the Directed Energy Weapons from the perspective of Thor Han. This article focuses on a very dark aspect that was brought to light by Ea/Enki during one of his meetings with Elena on their Nibiru ship.

In their talk Enki explained that Lahaina was a powerful, high frequency charge node which contained a natural portal to distant destinations like the Pleiades, which he calls Manahu. He didn’t specify to which part of Manahu or Mana-Hai the portal led. Would it lead to Taygeta or perhaps Alcyone?

Reversal of Poles
Ea then went on to explain that there is a way to reverse the polarity of such a node, and this way is indeed an incredible dark one. Let’s here it from the man himself:

“When these beings, these dark humans, take possession of such a land, they need to change its magnetic charge, by reversing its polarization. The way they proceed is by performing a rite of massive scale human sacrifice.

The brutal shock in the etheric field, generated by terror and intense pain, physical, emotional and psychological, reverses the polarity. What happened was a magic blood-death ritual. A deliberate slaughter. This is why my half-brother stimulated violent wars carrying unnameable bloody misdeeds, constantly, throughout the history of Ki. These were more than wars: they were rituals.”

There is not much that I can add to further explain these gruesome practices. Just imagine that this would really have happened in our history a lot of times: not just the atrocities of wars, but also with the intent to reverse positive energetic nodes into negative ones through these ‘magic blood-death rituals’.

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Within this field of disclosure there are many concepts and ideas that are way off for the majority of people living on our world today. Everything related to intelligent extraterrestrial life is often still brushed off as ‘food for wacko’s‘. During the last two years I have opened up to what I consider the reality of extraterrestrial life and I was willing to accept many elements as possibly real which might seem outlandish for many.

One of those concepts was the one introduced by the Andromedans from Alex Collier about human beings who would have had green skin before a terrible nuclear event took place more than four hundred thousands of years ago. This nuclear war would have changed the colors of our skins.
In his book ‘Defending Sacred Ground’ from 1996, Alex Collier speaks about green skinned people in the context of a great war. Read along with what he said:

“In your linear time of 3rd density measurement, of 439,231 rotations ago [years], war on a grave scale occurred in your Solar System. This aggression occurred against those on your worlds that included not only you Terrans, but also those called Nibiru. This invasion of your systems by Orion was led by a queen named Suttee. This (war) was destructive on many levels [frequencies) of physicality.

“We will focus tonight on your Terran physical form…. The last grave conflict was very harmful to your physical form. Many weapons of destruction, many of atom-splitting (nuclear weapons) have been used. This is the reason for most of your Terran skin tones. We shall explain…. Nibiru won, but only a short battle, before they and other outposts were forced to leave (the solar system) because of genetic damage. Your original races were green-skinned.

This we know, because of large copper traces in your Terran 22 blood type (refers to the composite of human genetics which comprise genetic codes from 22 humanoid species).

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In June 2023, Karen joined the Elena Danaan Study Group and she shared with us an interesting chart of the various densities and the species that resonated at those particular densities. I want to show this chart to you and look a bit at the various species that are mentioned. There’s also a wonderful story about Thor Han’s elder sister, Shaya, who talks about her ability to connect to Source, the Thirteenth density.

Below is a chart, which of course is, work in progress. It is mainly based on Elena’s seminal books, A Gift from the Stars and the Seeders. I have already written pages on certain species or groups, or collectives, that are mentioned, like the Intergalactic Confederation, The Ohorai, Gladeia & Noo-Linn, The Council of Five (Council of Alnilam), The Andromeda Council (and the Koldassii).


In the higher realms of this charts
you can find the Nine and the Intergalactic Confederation. In her book, The Seeders, Elena introduces the Nine as follows:

“The Intergalactic Confederation recognizes a collective of nine higher consciousnesses dwelling behind the curtain of all realities. They relate to them by different names, among which are: The Nine, the Nine Collective, the Nine Elders and the Elders of Light….The Nine have always existed in a place they call “The Void”. This place exists although it is uncreated. The Void exists in between the dimensions and out of time, out of any created Universe, in the non-temporal, limitless “Uncreated”. It is a Oneness in an eternal instant.” (13, p.145)

On her Debunk-page Elena gives the following definition of the connection between the densities and dimensions: “Dimension = Parallel Universe. Density = frequency rate of the particles of matter within a dimension. Our dimension has 12 densities, with Source reached at the 13th Level“

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In this video fragment Elena says that she talked to High Commander Ardaana and was told that disclosure is high on the agenda of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Elena had talked about the way the Deep State was thwarted with their plans for a fake alien invasion, and you probably remember the story on the meeting of General Glen vanHerck with Thor Han.

This year, more scientific reveals will be released to the population of Terra. Members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds such as the Ummite, Silo and Meton have been very active, relentlessly sharing technologies with many Contactees. These people are soon going to speak for they will be protected by new laws. 2023 will be a year of rediscoveries. Rediscovery of your own sovereignty and human cognitive capacities, rediscovery of technologies that will be released, and the Ancient Past will come back to the surface, notably related to islands in your oceans. Open the pyramids.”

And indeed she mentioned the words ‘Open the Pyramids.’, which is what this message was all about. The beginning of March 2023 brought the discovery of a new corridor in the Great Pyramid of Giza. But there is probably going to come more, because Elena was told that Commander Ardaana was not sure what the Egyptian officials would disclose, but this recently discovered corridor is connected to another corridor that goes down and ends in a particular room.

And in that room there would be a seat with technology, a technology chair. Elena describes it as a kind of holographic chair. Perhaps the ones that we have come to know from the various meetings between representatives from star nations? They are supposed to be found, for that would be part of the plan. There are, however, still people within the group of Egyptian officials that don’t want to disclose anything like that, and probably for the reason that it would show the world that there were civilizations before us that were far more advanced than we are now.

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In a video from May 2021 Elena Danaan connects to Arkelios. Arkelios is described as a man with an age of 6,000 years who lives in a world below the surface of Ireland. Elena was able to tune into him – not with her implant – but because of their genetic link. This article presents a description of his 4D-world in the Inner Earth and it makes some connections with other articles that deal with recent visits to underground worlds.


In the video Elena describes a beautiful ancient story about ancestors’ of hers, the Tuatha dé Danann, and how they interacted with people from Gottland (nowadays a part of Sweden), who probably had links going back all the way to the continent of Atlantis.
In her communication with one of the ancient Tuatha dé Danann, Arkelios, he talked about how people from the stars ‘borrowed’ their genetic bloodlines to have extraordinary abilities.
This concept that the inner earth has got a higher density than on the surface is also described in the book ‘Forgotten Genesis‘ by Radu Cinamar. We have spoken about this book before in connection with our research into the last days of Atlantis, and we compared Cinamar’s perspective on Sirius and the Anunnaki with that of Elena Danaan. In this book the Romanian Radu Cinamar gets a story on the history of humanity from the people of Apellos.

These people also live in a fourth density world below the surface. They presented the idea that the deeper you go into the bottom of the Earth, the higher the density would become, even suggesting a central ‘black hole’ in the middle of our planet. The transition area into this etheric layer would be at about 2,300 to 2,500 kms.

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It is not always easy to really understand what someone like James Gilliland means when he uses certain terms, like he does in the excerpt below. In that excerpt that I picked he distinguishes three kinds of feline-humanoid beings. How would they relate to the feline beings that are described by Elena DaLaan?

James Gilliland talks about Feline-humanoid species
Gilliland says that there would be feline beings under Antarctica. He says that the felines were here alongside the ancient Lyrians. I don’t exactly know what he means with ‘the ancient Lyrians’. He distinguishes three kinds of felines: the humanoid cat-like beings, panter-beings and huge lion beings. As far as the last category is concerned I would advise you to read where you can get to know the Laan-species who are indeed described as ‘Tall humanoids’.

James Gilliland said that the lion-species were the protectors of the gods. I don’t know what he means with ‘gods’. Are that physical beings? Higher density beings? Species from which constellation, and during which epoch? This concept of Fallen Gods is also not a part of the Elena Danaan paradigm. The same questions can be asked about them? What kind of species were those fallen gods?
A lot more could be said about the feline-like beings. Ashayana Deane described the feline-hominids as being one of the three primal creatures that would have been created some 950 billion years ago. In her third disclosure book Elena Danaan also introduced a feline-humanoid species from the Intergalactic Confederation, called the Elyan Sukhami. They would also have contributed their genomes to our DNA-package.

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During meditations I used to tune into my higher self or my soul group, thinking of them as etheric or invisible higher-density beings. This Twin Flame is not like that, it’s physical from another world. Would it be a man, would it be a woman? From which star system would they come? From which planet? Would that star system also be the place where my soul originated? Where did my soul originate? What would my physical body look like in that stasis pod on another world? From which time period would I have come? Would this off-world partner and I have shared more lives together, and if so, how does this work? Just imagine that you have lived a life with this off-world Twin Flame during the times of Mu, that would have been ‘just’ a shared life, without the starseed mission aspect, wouldn’t it?

Could it be that you hardly know your current ‘off-world starseed partner’ but that you only signed up for this mission and work together for the first time? How does the communication go? Is it through thoughts in English, Dutch or is it telepathic, or perhaps in the language from your own homeworld which gets translated half way? Where could you two meet? In your living room, in your garden, or on a spaceship? What has been the interaction like? Did your off-world mission partner hand over information during your dreams, or did you already have years of interaction but you simply don’t remember it yet? Are there more people from your planet active on that ship, or perhaps in your surroundings in the place where you live?

What would be the nature of that quantumlink? How could you use it yourself? In what ways could you sense each other? What would we have decided to do? How can we speed up the awakening process? Why aren’t there tens of thousands of starseeds speaking out: the time is now; there’s relatively little use in all those starseeds remembering their mission when the Deep State is already dead and buried, isn’t it? How can we help others remember their starseed mission?

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We haven’t spoken a lot about the continent of Lemuria. The main reason is that Elena Danaan hasn’t said a lot about it in her work. In her latest book she mentions it only briefly in Enki’s account of our history (3) and then mainly in the context of the refugees that had to flee Maldek and Mars around the cataclysm that took place around 72,000 B.C. (4).

She talks about Lemuria in the video. You can find a video excerpt below at (6), in which she mentions the Ant People (5) and the Sasquatch (4) and she describes Mu as a great and wide culture. In the Seeders (3) we can read:

“71.900 BC – The geography of the planet was different in this period of time. A large piece of land existed in the south Pacific Ocean, remembered as “Lemuria”. These territories, who were already a compound of different colonies, received the Martian refugees from the Nebu war in the Sol System and the cataclysmic explosion of planet Maldek. The Lemurian civilization had a contemporary phase with the Atlantean civilization, when both coexisted and conducted commercial trade with one another” (3, p.501)
From the information obtained during his visit to planet Thiaoouba by Michel Desmarquet we can learn about the people who would have lived on Mu, and that they arrived from a planet called Aremo X3 some 250,000 years. They would have been the forefathers of the Polynesian people and they were a very advanced civilization, both technologically and spiritually. The million-dollar question is: how does this fit in with the story of the Anunnaki and Enki’s account of our history? There is no word of any people coming from Maldek or Mars whatsoever.

I think it is high time that Elena Danaan asks around a bit to get to know more about the people who lived on Mu.

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One of the things that surprised me was the information that the human beings living on Earth more than 439 thousand years ago would have all had green skin! Our biology would have been copper-based. But there’s more. Listen to this fragment to learn about a nuclear war that took place around that time.
Alex Collier quoted the Andromedan Council (3) as saying that more than 439.231 years ago (4) there was an invasion by the Orion Group led by a Queen called Suti. This war was destructive on many levels and frequencies of physicality. The use of ‘atom-splitting’ weapons caused great changes in our biology and was responsible for the various skin tones (see future article). Nibiru was able to win one battle but was then forced to leave our solar system because of genetic damage. The original races were green skinned. We know this because of large copper traces in your Terran 22 blood types.
It says that the Seeders – after having stored the DNA of the present life forms on Earth at that time, like the dinosaurs – wiped them all out to allow for new life to form itself (7, p.492). So, how did they do it? What technology did they use to create this ‘planet-wide cataclysmic event‘? Wasn’t there a lot of iridium found in that earth layer, and isn’t that connected to a nuclear or a fusion bomb, just as Lacerta has suggested?
So, what do we have here? We have Alex Collier talking about Suti, a Gray-hive Queen who came to our solar system 439.000 years ago to create a nuclear war on Earth, which would have eventually changed the color of our skins. Then we have Elena Danaan talking about the arrival of the Seeders in exactly the same period of time (also 439.000 years ago) and she talks about ‘a major global intervention‘ injecting new genetic input and performing DNA upgrades.

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On November 18, 2022 a Q-drop appeared that contained the word ‘Ascension‘, and apparently for the first time (1,2). It is a common practice to see all kinds of Q and Trump-related news appear in communities that are interested in the exploration of the galactic and exopolitical world.

The idea of ‘Draining the Swamp‘ is popular in both groups. In fact, within the paradigm that is developed and studied on this website the various species from organizations like the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Intergalactic Confederation (9) would be waiting for us to finally expose the Cabal and free ourselves from their millenia-old grip (3,8).

In one of the telegram groups a story appeared that combined this Q-drop 4963 with the information from Elena Danaan (15) on the Anunnaki. This page is about this link between the Q-movement and related elements within the ‘Galactic’ scene (10).
(3) If you are new to this galactic aspect of matters, certain benevolent groups like the Galactic Federation of Worlds would have actively removed all of the malevolent extraterrestrial groups (4,5), not only from our planet, but from all of their strongholds in the solar system, with places like the Moon, Mars and Ceres (6). That was their part of the bargain. The role of the Anunnaki turned out to be complex. There would have been some kind of ‘galactic trial’ in which Enlil, representing the Enlil faction of this group was found guilty of innumerable crimes against humanity (7). This cleared the way for the removal of his son Ninurta from our planet by Anu (the father of both Enki and Enlil) himself. Our part of the bargain would be to take care of the human people and their tradition of manipulation and control (8).

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The message that forms is basis for this article stems from Thor Han. Thor Han is a person who was born on another planet, called Erra, orbiting the star that we call Taygeta in the Pleiadean system. They call their star Ashaara, just like those from Aldebaran call their star Jada (7). Thor Han has a direct connection though an implant with Elena Danaan, a gifted French woman living in Ireland.
Well, after these introductory remarks it is easier to understand the message that was given by Thor Han, for it discloses something interesting about the possible reason why the Ciakahrr Empire was willing to assist the Germans in their work in the Antarctic. They are generally not known for their kind approach to humanity.

“Thor Han continued his update:

Not only the Earth Alliance and the Nataru Alliance knew about it, but also the enemy. The Ciakahrr stormed and took the place under Vostok, hoping to crack the codes of this technology. They welcomed the humans of the Nazi group, that you call the Fourth Reich, to help decrypting this technology. Were you thinking that they accepted human colonies there in Antarctica for no reason? What do you think they were getting in exchange for technology and weapons? DNA. The Ciakahrrs knew DNA was the key to activate these power structures. But even though they looked into finding the right DNA frequency codes, they never succeeded to activate these structures.

The Intergalactic Confederation (13) has more than one safety lock on these structures, and what comes with DNA is Consciousness. The body envelope and the inhabiting soul need to be of the same frequency, and the person needs to be alive and conscious, and know what to do, how to activate the commands and unlock the portals. You need the knowledge that goes with the tools. You cannot kill someone and only use their DNA sample, because it needs to be inhabited by consciousness.
Now, the ice is melting, to reveal in plain sight the secrets we liberated, for you.” (1)

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During the study of the galactic peoples and species in our galaxy it is obvious that certain people have had a minor influence on our world, and others have had a huge impact. The role of the Negamuk <9-D Aliens> has been relatively small as far as direct interactions are concerned, but the negative roles of the Anunnaki, the Ciakahrr, and the Nebu <Alien Alliane> to have been crucial in our world. On the benevolent part of the spectrum we have the members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. We have spoken about the Selosi from Alpha Centauri (7), the Meton from Proxima Centauri (8) and the Ummit from Wolf 424 (9) for example in earlier articles. The role of the various groups from Sirius seems to be quite complex.
When the Andromedans returned and asked the Pleiadeans what they had done, they basically said that they were faced with their own ‘tremendous amount of karma with our solar system‘ which led them to be not as motivated as they could have been. They didn’t really know what to do. It was because of this that the Andromedans (Zenae) decided to take on a more leading role, for they thought that it was worth it for the common good. Alex says the Andromedans were probably a good choice since they were neutral in regard to our solar system.
I addressed this question of ‘karma’ and to which degree this ‘rule of karma’ would also hold for species as a whole (or individually), before in connection with the Ciakahrr and the Nebu and their atrocities (17). But what about the good guys and their karma? Should we know all about that? Isn’t it perhaps more important to thank them for the removal of all the malevolent groups from our solar system? And thank them for this alleged plasma border around our solar system to protect us from the higher density?
I presume that the deeds the Pleiadeans (whatever group it was) were incomparable with the horrors that were inflicted upon us by certain Anunnaki groups.

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On September 21, 2022 Elena Danaan published her third book, The Seeders, in which she describes her experiences with off-world people. <...> I think that the big step forward since the second book is the opening up to the intergalactic level. This brings new insights and it also raises new questions. This article tries to shed some light on the 22 races that contributed to our genome: how much is intergalactic, how much is from our galaxy? How much is human, and how much is reptilian, insectoid and feline?
In her book 21 members of the Intergalactic Federation or The Seeders are presented in beautiful drawings. But not every member of the Intergalactic Confederation has donated its genes to the human template. In fact only 11 have done so. I only present the names and the category to which they belong: Pa-Taal (humanoid), Altean (humanoid), Elli-Yin (humanoid), Hoovid (humanoid), Oyara Maruu (humanoid), Etherians (humanoid), Arag’un (Reptiloid), Ashai (Insectoid), Gray (Z-Neel, NOT the La’Neel from the drawing), Egoni (humanoid, 5), Elyan Sukhami (feline).
So we finally know on whose 22 packages our genome is based. One animal (a Lemur), many humanoid species (15, including the Anunnaki), some Gray races (2 (and the Anunnaki, but I won’t count them twice), or more since various groups are mentioned), Reptiloid (2), a feline (1) and even an insectoid race from another galaxy.

This raises a few questions. For me the biggest question is: how are the Gray, Reptiloid, Feline and Insectoid genes expressed in our very humanoid looking body? Does this imply that we are able to tune into the Naga, certain Grays and insectoids when all our DNA would get activated, or at least from those who have these lines in their genetics. How does this relate to our human future on Earth, when we have these other genomes in our system?