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Human-Stupidity is NOT an anti-feminist site per se. It just happens that feminism is based on systematic logical falsehoods. Human-Stupidity postulates that the evolutionary arms race gifted women with special verbal manipulation skills to offset male superiority in physical strength and economic power in the EEA.

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Cupid is depicted as child with a bow and arrow and has been a part of many famous sculptures and paintings. His naked presence was accepted a the part of a masterpiece. But that would be unacceptable today. His presence would be could child porn. Cupid’s other name was Eros. Today it is the reign of stupidity, naked children are not acceptable, what they do, think and feel is thought impossible. We want children to be asexual not sexual. We want them to not think about anything sexual. A girls starts menstruating, it is time when she has reached the age when she actually can give birth to a child, but she is too young. A boy has an erection, he is told if he masturbates he will go blind. What kind of insane world is this?

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Almost nowhere an 18 year old could have a sexual affair with a 12 year old, today.

This beautiful couple’s life would have been utterly destroyed

One can only imagine how many couples lives get destroyed by these age of consent laws.

How many girls end up unhappy with young immature boys because for older men she is taboo jail-bait. Or they end up with irresponsible low life older men, the only ones that would risk getting involved with jail-bait.

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Why and with which methods do the feminist trade unions score such resounding victories

how do feminists convince everyone else to promote their goals?
And why are they winning the war on all fronts with absolute resounding victory?
there must be a special evolutionary skill how feminists manage to convince male law makers to support their warped feminist “women studies” logic and distract from the egalitarian goal of creating “men’s studies” and “men’s rights”

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.The power of feminists is awe inspiring.
Feminists conquered and brainwashed the minds of lawmakers, police, press, the United Nations.

And people are not even aware of the sweeping changes feminists did, to encroach upon men’s rights, men’s well being, freedom. How much terror feminists managed to sow with teenage sex and child porn witch hunts. This sounds exaggerated? Please read on.

The feminist social manipulation skill superiority hypothesis

Females are superior in social manipulation & language distortion to foster their reproductive interest (An evolutionary hypothesis).

More provocatively it could be called “feminist cunningness hypothesis”, female evolutionary cunningness hypthesis, …… Any more naming suggestions?

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I have been converted by the arguments of the antifeminists, that

the feminist movement’s main goal is to reduce male choice in female partners, to force men to dedicate their lives to unattractive, high spending, ruinously expensive feminist sex partners.
I add to this my hypothesis

The balance of power between men and women tilted in favor of women because

Men mostly stopped using physical & economical power,
women maintained their superior social manipulation power and thus,
world-wide, women are biasing laws totally in their favor in clear detriment of men

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The whole medicalization of mens’ attraction to adolescent girls is just a joke. Take a look at what sells the most in the sex industries: TEENAGE GIRLS. SCHOOLGIRLS. LOLITAS. JAILBAIT.

Sexual preferences for adolescent girls are clearly the norm for men not sexual disorders or so called “paraphilias”

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Evolutionary psychology is essential to understand human behavior and the human mind. Evolution gives ultimate , not proximate explanations.

In ethology, the study of animal behavior, causation can be considered in terms of these two mechanisms.

Proximate causation: Explanation of an animal’s behavior based on trigger stimuli and internal mechanisms.
Ultimate causation: Explanation of an animal’s behavior based on the principles of evolution. The ultimate causation requires that the behavioral and physical traits are genetically heritable, and explains behavior by correlating behavioral traits to mechanisms that favor evolutionary development, such as natural selection.


ultimate explanation: A woman can only have one offspring every few years. No matter with how many men she has sex. So she can only influence the genetic quality of her offspring, and try to find a good father, a good caretaker. A promiscuous man can have an unlimited number of offspring, the world record being many hundreds. So more partners gets more offspring for men. And thus the genes for promiscuity in men spread faster then the genes for faithfulness.
proximate explanation: testosterone, culture, ….

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Anti-Racists causes immense damage in lives and outright deaths, even to the minorities they purport to protect.

As enlightened people of the 21st century we believe that policy and voting decisions should be based on scientific truth, not on false Anti-Racist ideology.

We must drop patently false anti-racist beliefs and brainwashing, halt Science Fraud, employ the generally recognized Scientific Method





Anti-racist anti-scientific? denial of racial differences leads to disastrous policy mistakes?. This anti-racist denial of science facts is as deadly as the denial of the germ theory of disease in the 19th Century

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Britain has been in the grips of pedophile hysteria for 30 years. The Satanic Abuse panic caused many innocent victims until it was proven a hoax by Elisabeth Loftus’ research. Interestingly, instead of giving up, pedohysterics went on digging. Operation Yewtree failed to convict most of the alleged perpetrators, but finally snagged a few octogenarians who will die in prison for groping adolescents, with scantly any proof that would pass due process rules.

Recent obsession about alleged ass groping by famous TV stars in the 1970’ies caused police to divert their attention away from real recent child abuses to investigating 40 year old allegations.

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I will explain the


I was inspired by the

antifeminist blog’s feminist-trade-union-hypothesis.

Feminism as middle aged womens trade union to promote their selfish reproductive interest, even their plain interest in an easy life, trying to curb men’s access to more attractive or cheaper competitors.

I was wondering:

Why and with which methods do the feminist trade unions score such resounding victories

how do feminists convince everyone else to promote their goals?
And why are they winning the war on all fronts with absolute resounding victory?
there must be a special evolutionary skill how feminists manage to convince male law makers to support their warped feminist “women studies” logic and distract from the egalitarian goal of creating “men’s studies” and “men’s rights”

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No one is intrinsically aggressive or bad

In Disney’s movie Zootopia predators are not intrinsically, genetically aggressive.

Rather it is prejudice that makes foxes and tigers aggressive. Alleging that meat eating predators are genetically inclined to violence against rabbits and other herbivores? That is RACISM! Apologies are needed!!

Spectators get the right message: Tigers are not genetically inclined to violence, so Blacks, North African refugees are not inclined to violence. Only prejudice is to blame for misbehavior.

Tiger violence has social causes? Black and immigrant violence is socially caused?

Today’s children, indoctrinated by political correctness, do not notice the irony in this insanity.

They will not get they wrong message, that both tiger aggression and black aggression could be inborn, genetic.

Of course it is absurd to deny that meat eating animals have a genetic propensity to butcher animals. Duh. They need to eat meat and not carrots.

If meat eating foxes, lions, and tigers don’t kill, they die within a few days. And thus the species would have gone extinct long ago.

Human races differ in testosterone levels.

Clearly demonstrated Race differences in IQ and race differences in criminality are probably just as genetic as foxes’ propensity to attack and eat rabbits

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Human-Stupidity is open to science. Just prove me wrong, using science.
1.If unbiased free academic research can show that 17 year olds get traumatized for life for having sex with older people, we will support age-of-consent laws.
2.If the Rind study, and Susan Clancy can be proven wrong, by free unbiased academic research, we will support draconian decade-long punishments for all childhood sexuality.
3.We would stand corrected if the voodoo theory could be proven true, by free unbiased academic research: if it were proven that looking at photos of lightly clothed 15 year olds, downloaded for free from the internet does irreparable harm to the minors depicted. If that harm is so perverse that looking at the photos ruins the model’s life forever. And that downloading free photos truly stimulates the rape and abuse of innumerous children. Then we might agree that life in prison without parole is a proper punishment for possession of a few hundred photos, which are nothing else then 0’s and 1’s in files on a computer hard drive.

But against all odds, Milton Diamond, in peer reviewed research, proved the opposite: freely available child pornography reduces sex crimes against children, because many pedophiles can satisfy themselves merely by perusing pictures.

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Children generally do not get traumatized by *consensual adult/child sexual experiences. Rather the trauma is caused by the reaction of parents, peers, teachers, police, and, yes, therapists. Therapy is often traumatizing.

This conclusion is so drastic and shocking that even we, at Human-Stupidity.com only recently understood the profound implications. The hysterical falsification of science doesn’t just put men in prison with draconian punishments, it actually causes damage to children it purports to protect (compare also Milton Diamond) .

Prohibition of adult/child sexual contact must be justified on ethical, not on scientific grounds. In other words, don’t use false science to justify your moral rules

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Penetrative rape certainly has less serious consequences then penetration with a knife, or a bullet, anywhere in the body

Rape seems to have less serious long term consequences then burns in the face, punches that break front teeth or cause multiple breaks in facial bones

Being a rape victim seems to be comparable to crimes like
•dunked into a toilet,
•violently held or tied down,
•Being choked out in a fight,
•force-fed disgusting items.

Such crimes are perpetrated against men and women all the time by bullies and other criminals

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To justify our moral judgments, we invent victims even if there are none

1.first comes a moral judgment, like "promiscuity is bad", "creeps who possess child porn photos need to be punished", "having sex with adolescents is disgusting" (or "smoking marijuana is bad"). Some of these judgments stem from evolutionary mental modules hard-wired into our minds. Or course, our culture plays a role here too, especially in how we justify our moralistic feelings
2.After the fact, after we already decided that sex with nubile adolescent women is heinous, our mental "press secretary" has to come up with socially acceptable justifications for punishing people for apparently victimless crime. So our mind is made in ways that it finds justifications for our moral judgments. It comes up with logical reasons. It invents victims that need to be protected

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Angry Harry, though universally admired as the father of MRA (men’s rights activism), would not be allowed to comment in most modern father’s rights MRA sites, like avoiceformen or r/mensrights. It reminds me of the joke where the bishop calls police to arrest Jesus who dared to show up in a church.

We expect it will be only a matter of time, until A Voice For Men disavows any links and relations to Angry Harry. We also would not be surprised if they support increasing the age of consent to 21 and then ban anyone who would support impunity for sex with 20 year old women.

Human-Stupidity certainly fully agrees with AngryHarry on these issues. We bemoan the fact that modern men’s rights has sold out many of men’s rights issues to feminists. Especially the child sex trauma myth has been totally accepted and assimilated by most MRA, has become the unassailable bedrock foundation of all feminist sex hysteria.

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f a 15 year old … can decide to have sex with a 16 year old … [h]ow come she cannot have sex with a 35 year old? Age discrimination by law?

Are you worried about manipulation of the tender 15 year old? I have a solution:

what about legalizing sex with underage adolescents, if they first undergo an hour of mandatory counselling and a 2 day cool off period? That should take care of this issue. This would guarantee safety for the 15 year old against being conned or manipulated. More safety that is offered to 21 year old tipsy Friday night party girls who may feel sorry for what they did yesterday

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Child pornography reduces sex crimes

Don’t forget, as Dr. Milton Diamond proved very clearly, that free access to child porn reduces sex crimes against children. The explanation for this is that a pedophile can masturbate to the child porn and thus diminishes his sexual urge and the need to seek live children.

Of course, “watching child porn victimizes the child”, according to the Voodoo science of child pornography laws”. Again, we can not understand how a child gets victimized if someone secretly looks at their photos, 1000s of miles away, in the privacy of his home. Child pornography laws are simply irrational witch hunt.

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Does peeping Tom Eric Justin Toth, deserve to be the enemy #1of public order, an honor formerly bestowed upon Osama Bin Laden? Is secretly taking indecent photos of children a crime equal to Osama’s masterminding of many terrorist attacks, including the 9/11 twin tower attack that killed 3000 people on US soil.

Toth committed a victimless crime, it seems the victims did not even know they were photographed

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Let’s face it any female over about 25 generally doesn’t stir things up inside us anywhere near as much as the sight of a a nubile, firm and young teen body does, especially when ‘gift wrapped’ in something fitting her age like a school uniform to make it even one level more ‘tantalizing’…

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Peer reviewed scientific research by Professor Milton Diamond conclusively proved that access to porn and, yes, even child porn take the edge off natural or perverted sex drives and thus clearly reduces sex crimes.

Nevertheless, feminists and religious zealots strive to take all sexual outlets away from men, be it prostitution, sex travel, or mere pornography for masturbation. Thus these politicians bear partial responsibility for increasing sex crimes against women and children, and probably for the mayhem created by Elliot Rodger.