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If scientists found a carved stone arrowhead in a cave they would claim this was evidence of an intelligence and human occupation. But when secular scientists look at DNA, the most complex information & code system in the universe, they claim it's a result of chance random...

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It's not surprising to see a satanic ritual at the Grammy's. Satanism is the worship of the self. Much of modern pop music is satanic in this sense. Leftism is satanism. The only change is that now they're being more explicit about it.

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The media has now completely moved on from Tyre Nichols. It took less than a week. Everyone involved was black so they don't really care and could only pretend for so long. I'm guessing Nichols won't have any statues built in his honor either. He's not a useful victim.

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A huge misconception is that the Left cares about corruption and incompetence in policing. They don’t at all. They care about their racial narrative. Which is why police brutality that doesn’t fit the racial narrative is either ignored or artificially forced to fit.

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(about Tyre Nichols death)
For the life of me, I will never understand what is so difficult about COMPLYING w/ police orders. 1) He was high on drugs. 2) He had just done a hit & run. 3) He tried to get into someone else’s vehicle. 4) He RAN from police. 5) He resisted arrest. 6) Officers were black.

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Before everyone overreacts: The cops were black America is the least racist country in history. Blacks encounter police more often because, per capita, they commit crimes more often (with mostly black victims). Let’s not burn down our country again over lies.

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All humanity are guilty, dirty, rotten, hell-deserving, sinners (Romans 3:10-23; 6:23). I heard Pastor Joel Osteen say that he doesn't preach against homosexuality because it has been exalted above other sins nowadays. What a cop out! That's exactly why we ought to take a Biblical stand against the sin of homosexuality! Sodomites are forcing their perverse deathstyle upon American society and our precious children.

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You do not need to experiment with sex. Sex is only for your future spouse. Masturbation is not God’s best – even if “you’re not hurting anyone” – you are hurting yourself – and hurting God’s feelings (1 Corinthians 6:18 ESV – “Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body”)

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Are you fed up yet? Are you sick and tired of being pushed around, cornered, and pummeled by lust? Maybe you want lust out of your life but aren’t sure how to get there. Sex has been compared to fire. Fire is good if it’s contained in a fireplace. But fire can be horrific if it’s out of control; like a wild forest fire, it can cause tremendous destruction. Sex is great and good in marriage, but outside of marriage it has many devastating consequences.

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Peter MacDonald: There is no way to know if you are saved then according to this. I was as saved as you could get. I knew I had sinned and felt the conviction. I repented. I felt forgiven and saved. I knew I was headed to Heaven. There are always going to be controversy in the church about this kind of stuff because there is no real answer. One man believes the Bible is interpreted a certain way, and the other believes the complete opposite. And both are listening to God. People have their untouchable zone, that is, however convincing the argument is they won't be persuaded because it reaches into a "no fly zone" in their brain. Think of a box with a key. You were told to never ever open the box no matter what. You can play with anything else in the room but DO NOT turn that key and explore the box! If you are successful in instilling fear in that person, you can keep whatever lies in the box locked away safely. The problem with Christians is their no fly zones are logical thinking. They are told "The Bible is without any flaws, it's a perfect book" So you can't think about anything in the Bible in a logical fashion. If it says it, it's true. Here's how the controversy starts: Everyone has presuppositions. You can't help it. So you try to make the Bible say what you want by what you feel. That's all it really is. Most people are genuine people who want to find the truth and are really sincere. I don't doubt that one bit. I was once that person. Just trying to make sense of it. Let me challenge you today, open the box and explore it. Don't be afraid to let go of your religion! If it's really true you don't have anything to worry about, right? You'll find yourself right back where you were. But for the sake of your sanity, rethink religon.

Ray Comfort: Peter MacDonald. Did you know the Lord? If you say you did, then what we maintain is true. If you didn't, then you were a false convert who faked it...for how many years?

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Question for “conservatives” who supported the gay marriage bill: having seen the White House use the bill’s signing as an opportunity to promote drag queens and child castrations, do you stupid patsies now understand what’s really going on or have you still not figured it out?