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Eurasian Tiger (Red Pill Comics) #sexist

(Transscript because NSFW)
Panel 1
Woman to Man 1:"I'm sorry, we should take it slower. Friends?"

Panel 2
Woman to Man 2: "You're great, but as a Catholic I can't date a [sic] atheist. And no sex before marriage."

Panel 3
Woman to Man 3: "I'd prefer a guy with better career prospects. You'll find someone."

Panel 4
Woman to Man 4: "You're Wonderful, but I'm a vegan and you eat meat."

Panel 5
Man 5, who has a greaser hairstyle, an oversized angular jaw, an extremely thick neck and several tatoos, including one reading "6'4" no e-stax" [?], wears a shirt with an inverted pentagram and the sentence "I love Satan" on it, and holds a burger in one hand and a McDonalds paycheck in the other: "Yo, wut time iz it?"
Woman: "3:07 - Ohmygawd"

Panel 6
It is 3:27. Man 5, who is revealed to have a swastika tatoo on his chest, ejaculates on Woman.

(Take a guess which character is drawn with the greatest attention to detail...)

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Anonymous poster #fundie

Rape culture will always exist in America because we are unwilling to change the rules we've set forth. It's like how Neo-Nazi's[sic] will always publicly demonstrate in this country until we are willing to face the music and curtail freedom of expression.

We'd rather burn for sticking to our outdate principals than evolve to understand we have to actually change things.

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BannedIncel #sexist

A woman if judged as a man is:
Physically weak and unprotective,
Has no personality and is unintresting [sic].
isn't funny.
Has no leadership skills and never shows initiative,
Never approaches men and doesn't have confidence.
Does'nt [sic] work out and maybe only does cardio.
And yet women have no problems getting laid... Take the Black Pill

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