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A six-month-old girl was drowned to death allegedly as a human sacrifice for her grandfather's life in Tamil Nadu's Pattukottai
Thirty-two-year-old Naseerudhin was married to Shaliha and had a baby girl. Naseerudhin's uncle Asaruddin was working abroad and had recently returned. Asaruddin used to fall ill often and his wife Sharmila Begum had checked with Muhammed Salim, a Muslim tantric who had told her to sacrifice a child without spilling any blood to save his life

Sharmila Begum had reportedly plotted to sacrifice Shaliha's 6-month old daughter. On Tuesday, she went to Shaliha's house at midnight and kidnapped the child

When Shaliha woke up, she panicked and began to search for the baby. Sharmila Begum then took Shaliha behind her house where the child was put inside a fish tank and drowned

Shaliha said that she protested, but Sharmila Begum had pressurised her to bury the child in their backyard

Pattukottai Thahsildar reported the child's death to the local police. The body was exhumed and has been sent for autopsy

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Tamil Nadu man kills self as an offering to God for getting a job

A man from Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu's Kanyakumari district committed suicide after he got a job. He had earlier promised God that he would kill himself if he would get a job.

In a bizarre incident, a man from Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu's Kanyakumari district died of suicide after getting a bank job.

Naveen, 32, had been frustrated in life as he was unable to get a job. He had prayed that if he were to get a job, then he would give up his life and "be with God". Naveen then got a job in the Mumbai branch of Bank of India.

Nearly 15 days after joining work, Naveen flew down to Thiruvananthapuram on Friday and went to a railway station and lay down on a railway track. He was killed after a train ran him over.

Naveen had left a suicide note stating that he was fulfilling the promise he had made to God that he would be with him if he were to get a job.

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An ancient Buddha statue, which was found in Pakistan's Takht Bahi area in Mardan district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while digging the foundation of a house, was vandalised by local construction workers on Saturday as they considered the relic to be "unIslamic".

Workers who were digging the foundation of a house discovered the ancient relic said to be from the Gandhara civilisation. Calling the idol “unIslamic”, the men smashed the statue into pieces.

A video of the incident that has gone viral on social media shows the construction workers destroying the idol using a sledgehammer and expressing their resentment towards it.

Abdul Samad, director, Archaeology and Museums in KPK said, “We have located the area and we will have those involved arrested soon.”

Pakistani media has reported that four people involved in vandalising the statue have been arrested.

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The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Saturday demanded that the central government take strict action against yoga guru Baba Ramdev after he allegedly described allopathy as a “stupid science” and stated that “lakhs of [Covid] patients have died after taking allopathic medicines”

The IMA said his “unlearned” comments could mislead people. On the other hand, the Haridwar-based Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust, of which Baba Ramdev is the founder, said the remarks were taken out of context

According to the IMA, a video circulating on social media shows Baba Ramdev calling modern medicine a “stupid science”. He allegedly goes on to say that medicines including remdesivir and fabiflu, approved by the Drugs Controller General of India, failed to treat Covid patients in India and have caused the deaths of lakhs of people.
Earlier in February, Patanjali re-launched its ‘Coronil’ medicine to treat Covid patients. Baba Ramdev’s organisation claimed it had received due approval from the union Ayush ministry as per the World Health Organisation’s certification scheme

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This has been going on for a while now. Teachers and professors from across the country have been making their way to national headlines by making ludicrous claims on how women should behave/dress/live. It seems like this exclusive club of sexist academics is ever growing.

Not too long ago, a professor from Kozhikode ridiculed female students in his college for revealing their breasts like "slices of watermelon". Before that, a college principal from Mumbai said PCOS -- polycystic ovary syndrome -- happens to women who dress like men. Even before that, a nursing school in Kollam district forbade its female students to lock doors while changing, for they were worried that the girls were up to "lesbian sex".

Now, a teacher from Kerala claims that women who wear jeans -- wait for it -- give birth to transgender children.

Meet Rajith Kumar, a botany lecturer at Kalady's Sree Sankara College, who has a long history of coming up with sexist and homophobic theories. This is what this 'doctor' said on a live TV show recently:

"...a woman who dresses up like a man, what will be the character of the child she gives birth to? These children are called 'transgenders' or 'napumsakam'. Hijra,".
- Rajith Kumar

There's more...

A report on The News Minute points out that Rajith Kumar had stressed that "good" children are born to men and women who dress and live as men and women (whatever that means):

"When a woman degrades her womanhood and a man degrades his manhood, the girl born to them is man-like. The child this girl later gives birth to will be a transgender."
- Dr Rajith Kumar

That's not all. 'Doctor' Rajith Kumar also believes that autistic children are born to 'rebel' men and women, especially women who wear jeans.