Sharmila Begum, Azarudeen and Mohammed Saleem #fundie #quack #psycho

A six-month-old girl was drowned to death allegedly as a human sacrifice for her grandfather's life in Tamil Nadu's Pattukottai
Thirty-two-year-old Naseerudhin was married to Shaliha and had a baby girl. Naseerudhin's uncle Asaruddin was working abroad and had recently returned. Asaruddin used to fall ill often and his wife Sharmila Begum had checked with Muhammed Salim, a Muslim tantric who had told her to sacrifice a child without spilling any blood to save his life

Sharmila Begum had reportedly plotted to sacrifice Shaliha's 6-month old daughter. On Tuesday, she went to Shaliha's house at midnight and kidnapped the child

When Shaliha woke up, she panicked and began to search for the baby. Sharmila Begum then took Shaliha behind her house where the child was put inside a fish tank and drowned

Shaliha said that she protested, but Sharmila Begum had pressurised her to bury the child in their backyard

Pattukottai Thahsildar reported the child's death to the local police. The body was exhumed and has been sent for autopsy



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