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had a fight and possibly sent a guy to gandy ((in minecraft))

so i was flirting and kissing this girl, sve had a boy friend tho, the boyfriend spat on me and told me to go away, so i kicked his head a few times, i heard hes in a coma now

what a cuck
his friends jumped on me (i was super-drunk, 8 shots of vodka, half a wine, 4 beers and a quarter of a 1 liter 21% alcohol drink

so they sucker punched me a few times

if i was sober i would’ve won

BTW were these guys danes or nydanskere

guy i kicked was a dane the group of guys who attacked me were arabs iirc

What did your parents say to your injuries?

my dad is chilling in serbia
i just told my mom i walked into a pole

How would U react when this nigga dies or has permanent brain damage?

i wouldn't care


look at this chad trying to ascend gigachad form by frauding his genetics with bonesmashing

he will let his face get punched untill the maxilla and jaw will be super forward grown and it will look like 10/10 dark swarthy gigachad

he mogs us by being super med and high iq, plus on the side he picks up chicks even if they have a boyfriend. He can never claim rotfraud ever again with his non existant inhibition levels

also reminder that he's 12 years old but looks 30. also 6'3" at 12 years old

literally fucking over if you aren't a half med half serbian gigachad living in denmark cucking all the 16" bideltoid nerdics

too many fucking gigachads on this forum now. might go sui

i can't even hate on you OP

always great to see a psychopath chad start so young

you will fuck many stacies and bash many nerdic/shitskin skulls in the years to come

i salute you

Sick Fuck Award

Just when you thought that it was physically impossible for incels to sink lower...

Rigor Mortis #sexist lookism.net

(A woman asks "Why should I be banned?)

because, while most ppl here are frauds and have gf's and look fine, there are som ehere that are ugly and virgins.. then there are a select few, namely just me, that were born good looking and became disfigured and are depressed kissless virgins who dropped out of prestigious unis that mog the ivy league for their majors and now rot at home, not leaving for months at a time... and just use this place as a refuge from all this crap. we dont need ppl like u coming here trying to tell us its ok, just go try, etc etc.. and we sure as shit dont need ppl, male or female, boasting about their sexual success when for men its just a natural consequence of their face height and penis, and for women its a consequence of being born with a vagina.

chadD24 #fundie lookism.net

Any woman who dates an abusive man firstly LOVES the drama.... and deserves everything she gets. the average women would rather date a guy who abuses her and puts her in her place mentally and physically then date a manlet incel..

then closet lesbians aka feminist  bitch and moan about how much more domestic violence exists against women.. Yea no shit women put themselves in positions to get physcailly abused in the first place becuase they fear instilled in them actually turns them on. women are fucked up creatures bros