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Red hair was not a generic gene trait found in human beings originally. Science tells us that the red hair gene came from the Neanderthal. We know that Neanderthal and prehistoric humans did not breed. Then how did humans wind up with the red hair gene? Once we DO OUR HOMEWORK we discover that these evil entities we WRONGLY REFER TO AS ALIENS TODAY came into our three dimensional world to rape human beings and contaminate our DNA by tampering with our genetic code. They inter-bred their contaminated DNA into the genetic code of our original Scandinavian ancestors. They also bred our DNA with monkeys, reptilians and bird DNA. All one has to do is study history and look at images on the great pyramids to see the various hybrids which were created by this inbreeding including the giants which have been found on all 7 continents. WHAT DOES HISTORY RECORD ABOUT THOSE CARRYING THE RED HAIR AND THE MARK OF CAIN? The word Adam is supposedly the Hebrew word for 'red' or 'ruddy.' King David apparently had red hair. Some people even believe the 'mark of Cain' to actually be red hair.
In spite of its rarity red hair is a physical trait that appears in many places around the world. It is most prevalent in Scotland where approximately 13% of the population have red hair, followed by Ireland with 10%. This population also has long crooked noses, which may not be a coincidence.
It is obvious that the “Serpent Bloodline” of Cain carried both Reptilian and “Fallen Angel” DNA. Remember that it was the “Serpent Bloodline of Cain” that was abducted, raped and experimented on by the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers.” Today this bloodline can be found primarily in Iraland, Scotland, the British Isles and all over the world. Their bloodline is a contaminated RH Negative line that represents approximately 5 -7 % of the total human population today. They have been known by many names such as the Celts, Scythians, Atlantians, Lumerians, Nordics, Aryans, Vickings etc.