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This is my plan for 2021. It's been what I've wanted to do for years, but Ivo's been telling me it has to start in 2021.
I didn't know why, a few years back, why I would have to start a community where I was moving to, but I knew I had to. I just figured it was us like-minded folks having a good time together. It's not. I now realize that I'm to start a non-compliant community that is self-sufficient and not really dependent on society in any way because, of course, we will be outcasts. (By the way, the same was done on Venus. Read Omnec Onec's account of this in her book "From Venus I Came.")

I don't know when the deep state will be ousted completely. From what I hear I believe it will take some time. Will indictments be enough? Will indictments be enough to convince the entire population to turn on their governments? When will people be aware enough to dry up the artificial timelines and move to the Lemurian timelines? How much of our society has to change in order to create a world that has no cabal influence anymore? How much has to go? When will we become GESARA compliant?
Ivo is the one who's in charge of this light city and the television station that will be on the ground, hopefully this year. I think they're waiting for timelines to split out, and apparently we're due for a big split soon. It makes sense just at an intellectual level, never mind the science of it all: There are at least 3 major groups of timelines here and one is extremely negative, and the others more positive. With these continued incoming energies anchoring their Light on earth, and that earth is a dualistic planet, it makes sense they're going to start splitting apart even more.

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I've got a new neighbour and he's 54, recently singled, and has me in his crosshairs.
Ivo: Understand, my love, that energy is always seeking balance. Those of higher light are sought out by those of lower light. What in effect is happening in the case of this male who keeps suggesting you two spend time together is that he is of lower light, you are of higher light. So he is attracted to you.
However, on your planet, because the lower energies are so tampered with and continually sucked dry by the demonics surrounding all of you, there is no healing process, in fact a process of the one of higher Light continually giving and the one of lower light continually taking.

Ivo: As has happened before. You are best to continue to cut cords, cut off your energy supply to him, white light your apartment and refuse to have anything to do with him.
Me: He's going to come to my apartment and do renovations on it.
Ivo: Then you must insist he continue to work and stop proposing a rendezvous for you two.
Me: It's like I keep saying, folks, if the dark ones can't get your Light down, they will send people to you that will vampire it. I'm not interested in relating to people who can't hold their Light. I'm not here to feed the vampires any more, and frankly my body is so overstressed and overwhelmed at this point in my life
The guy wears a mask and he wants me to come over to watch TV with him. As if. He wants to poison me. He also smokes cigarettes, drinks and does drugs. I suspect he's watching Televangelists – sure, The Illuminati spreading the word of Jesus. If religion works so well for him, why does he still have to escape life through booze and drugs, never mind smoking?

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Me: Hi Bellos, I heard you. You don't think humans are particularly attractive either.
Bellos: We are attracted to our own kind. We snakepeople are attracted to each other. We also find reptilians attractive.
Your snakes upon earth have garnered a lot of negative attention and are not particularly favoured.
Me: No. Started with the bible. We fear them because they're poisonous.
Bellos: And they fear you because you are out of alignment with creation. If you were to be in alignment, you would have nothing to fear from the snake creatures, and they would not have to fear you.
Bellos: You do not understand the love of the animal kingdom. They are hunters only for food.
Me: I can sense love coming from so many animals. Like horses are really lovinig animals. I can really feel it.
Bellos: Ah yes, the loss of your sensory perceptions. Yes, many of you are beyond this; a shadow of your former selves. And I mean shadow.
Me: The shadow isn't all bad. It often holds the key to greater parts of ourselves. We also repress our higher selves in favour of our intellects....
Bellos: Which are manipulated....
Me: Yes, and when we go into our shadows we find wonderful surprises – the higher self we repressed so long ago in favour of a lower frequency version of ourselves which really is a lie.
Bellos: Correct. The snake suffers no such loss. He lives in accordance with the soul of his kind, he lives in accordance with his true nature. You could stand to learn from animals to understand yourselves much better.

Sharon Stewart #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy #god-complex sharonandivo.weebly.com

Sharon Stewart - Bio
Lightworker, Astral Incarnate, Channeler, Blue Ray, Wayshower, Light Warrior, Author

When Ivo came through and introduced himself in 2015, Sharon awakened to her purpose on earth and began to understand the reason for all she has undergone. Her life has been a journey from victim consciousness and severe oppression by the Dark, to standing in her Light to connect with her Christ Self - the divine goddess Athena. Looking back through her past through the new perspective of an awakened extraterrestrial consciousness, Ivo helped her to make sense of her life, and she shares what she has learned with you.

​Through her etheric/3D implant and plasma connection to Ivo, Sharon has been channeling information to earth. As the implant works on high frequencies only, she now enjoys working relationships with many other extraterrestrials/universals as well – the growing Implant Communications team! Well connected in the galaxy as Tiannia of Vega, Sharon astral projects to meet people of the galaxy and to garner more information for us here on earth.

Blue Ray - transmuter of negative energies, and empath - sensor of negative energies, and incarnation of Athena, holder of divine feminine energies and goddess of war and wisdom, Sharon has found herself constantly attacked by the dark throughout her lifetime. With a failed attempt on her life as a car "accident" behind her, visits by Men in Black and sightings of light and dark beings, Sharon continues to fight the dark with Ivo at her side and Archangel Michael on call to assist. No stranger to Direct Energy Weapon (DEWs) attacks, demonic and shapeshifting neighbours, Sharon leads a crazy life that only empowers her more each day.

Tamara and son, Ely, Pleiadians via Sharon Stewart #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot #psycho sharonandivo.weebly.com

When I channeled Tamara last year she indicated that she was treated worse than the earthlings because she was sticking up for them, so the dark ETs saw her as being really stupid and treated her “appropriately”. They tried to destroy her mind – invading it with technology that tried to extract information. She developed physical difficulties as a result of the destruction of DNA. Thinking of an extraterrestrial as having physical difficulties is pretty unusual but that would be the case coming out of captivity from one of these bases.
They'd threaten Ely if she didn't cooperate. At times they were physically mutilating him and she had to watch them torture him, while bound up, unable to intervene.
The draconians cut her hair so she would have less psychic ability to contact them (I see her with uncharacteristically short hair which she still has.)
She was raped and got pregnant with hybrid children; but she was not the only one by any stretch.
Cold, dark, demoralizing, not enough to eat. Low quality food. They would sit in the dark at night and hear snarling and hissing around them. They even did things like turn the lights on at random times so your circadian rhythms would be thrown out of whack (pineal gland).
She said she learned to be resistant to physical pain, but she couldn't teach Ely fast enough.
Her future is working with the Galactic Federation to help give them needed information to help in their taking down this menace; it might save more whistleblowers the necessity of coming forward.
Tamara said: "I wish to thank Team 51 with all my love and I will remember you through the rest of eternity as those who helped let me and my loved one escape from hell."

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Meet Emro, my Sirian Lion Friend

During the lion's gate portal in 2019, I asked for some felions to come forward to help direct my energies for the highest good. Emro, a male, stepped up with male Sasha and female Alaya to help.

-Emro on Incoming Energies

"I am most appreciative."
I told him I”m not a gridholder, but he said he'd teach me about energies
"The incoming energies to your world are increasing from all sectors of the galaxy. They are relayed through the stars that are closest to you."
Me: Except for Draconis, I hope.
"The energies are coming through from stars closest to you and our influence is being felt upon your planet as we raise your light. You are of the opinion that your light is simply raising but this is not the case. The light is raising in a way that is influenced by our natures."
I didn't realize that.
Seeing a picture of the world and it's being bombarded by light of different colours, frequencies.
"In this way, your earth was the library for our sector. And now what is happening is her core is ingesting these vibrational energies again. This information is being re-submitted to your world."
It reactivates our memories, which are in the DNA.
Like a blue energy could hit your throat chakra and the DNA that is of that frequency.
Much more intricate than I thought but I didn't know.
How is this all balanced?
"It is balanced. The suns are interlinked and balance each other off."
"Mars is your red planet. Earth is the blue planet."
I never thought of it that way.
​"Some planets are yellow."
Blue would align with communication, wouldn't it?
"Predominance of a particular colour at a particular portal. Activating our DNA of the same frequency.

Sharon Stewart #ufo #crackpot #magick sharonandivo.weebly.com

Implant Communications is a channeling service channeled through Vegan lightworker Sharon Stewart, who, with the implant that facilitates her telepathic abilities, channels to virtually any being in the galaxy or multiverse.

​Having channeled other ascended masters and Father God himself, Sharon's implant empowers her to speak clearly to all
​of the Light and negates dark interference, as the implant is only
​activated through higher vibration. Channeling primarily her
twin flame, Ivo of Vega, Sharon passes messages of the Light on to all upon fourth dimensional earth.

​​In 20/20, Sharon plans to open a center to land ships. At this point, she will be going into space with video camera to video what Ivo wants to show us here on earth. One of Sharon's main goals as we all become multidimensional is to advance Disclosure of extraterrestrial life, and to help break down barriers between lightworkers and their ET teams.