Mercurian Snake Man Bellos via Sharon Stewart #ufo #crackpot #magick

Me: Hi Bellos, I heard you. You don't think humans are particularly attractive either.
Bellos: We are attracted to our own kind. We snakepeople are attracted to each other. We also find reptilians attractive.
Your snakes upon earth have garnered a lot of negative attention and are not particularly favoured.
Me: No. Started with the bible. We fear them because they're poisonous.
Bellos: And they fear you because you are out of alignment with creation. If you were to be in alignment, you would have nothing to fear from the snake creatures, and they would not have to fear you.
Bellos: You do not understand the love of the animal kingdom. They are hunters only for food.
Me: I can sense love coming from so many animals. Like horses are really lovinig animals. I can really feel it.
Bellos: Ah yes, the loss of your sensory perceptions. Yes, many of you are beyond this; a shadow of your former selves. And I mean shadow.
Me: The shadow isn't all bad. It often holds the key to greater parts of ourselves. We also repress our higher selves in favour of our intellects....
Bellos: Which are manipulated....
Me: Yes, and when we go into our shadows we find wonderful surprises – the higher self we repressed so long ago in favour of a lower frequency version of ourselves which really is a lie.
Bellos: Correct. The snake suffers no such loss. He lives in accordance with the soul of his kind, he lives in accordance with his true nature. You could stand to learn from animals to understand yourselves much better.



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