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The Wikileaks email revelations of Hillary and Bill Clinton, their campaign chairman John Podesta, and others in their devious campaign team have unearthed crime after crime. But all pale in comparison with the monumental exposé of emails regarding what is now referred to as PizzaGate.

PizzaGate is real. In the sad and tragic chronicle of criminal acts laid bare by PizzaGate, we discover Hillary, Bill, and hundreds of others participating in the most cruel, barbaric, and depraved conduct. Child molestation and abuse seems to be widespread. Horrors multiply. It’s all here. Satanic orgies, terrific monstrosities, even occult murders.

The perpetrators in their email often use code words to attempt to hide their wicked crimes. A “slice of pizza” stands for a child victim, “sauce” for semen and blood, and so on.

After Wikileaks revealed the depth of this unimaginable occult sex scandal, the depraved liberal news corps—the liars in Washington, D.C. and their online cohorts like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook—went to work. They have done their best to divert attention from PizzaGate and to cover-up the terror done to children. But they are complicit. So, too, are leagues of politicians—Senators, Congressmen, etc.

What we have is a worldwide pedophile network, using pizza parlors and rich men’s mansions to promote the most sinister of crimes.

We must stand up to the media and demand justice for the innocent victims. PizzaGate is found among the 650,000 emails of Hillary, her lesbian girlfriend Huma Abedin, and the Clinton campaign team. These emails are hidden on disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer. The same computer the corrupt FBI leadership seized but now keeps under lock and key. And no wonder, considering the thousands of inhuman crimes found on it.

PizzaGate. Remember this name. It’s real. This is the tragic summary of evil and wickedness done by our politicians and the elite! It is their recorded history. The guilty psychopathic monsters should be tarred, feathered, and lynched. God knows of their grave sins and heinous crimes against these children. Let us pray He will open their corrupt files and bring them to justice.

For more information, obtain Texe’s 60-Minute exposé, PizzaGate—One of the Worst Satanic Scandals in Human History, ($10 plus s/h) on CD or Tape.

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In the futuristic movie, Soylent Green, set in the year 2022, the world is a horrible place to live. The temperature is never below 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Millions of people are out of work. Homelessness is abundant. The police are corrupt and the government is a small branch of the Soylent Corporation, which is an international conglomerate that controls two-thirds of the world’s food supply. The corporation manufactures cheap crackers out of chemicals and vegetable matter to feed the masses. The controllers of the corporation are elitists who are able to indulge in the luxuries of the world that they get on the black market.

Women are considered only sexual objects, and have the value of a piece of furniture. There are no trees and no animals. All water is rationed. Strife is rampant and there are a staggering number of murders a day. The value of life is considered minimal. As one gets old or ill you are kindly euthanized. The world is presented as a bleak picture of human misery caused by overpopulation, global warming, and food, water and energy shortages.

Now, tune into present day news. There are murders daily, many of our political leaders are sounding the call of the crisis of global warming, (now being gently called climate change). We are constantly being warned of the upcoming food and energy shortages. Most of the media are on the bandwagon screaming that the masses are polluting the world and overpopulating planet earth. Our government—local and federal—is corrupt. “Big Pharma” is encroaching into everyone’s life. Euthanasia, or the act of assisted suicide (murder), is common practice in several countries today. With people trying to play “God,” the sanctity of life is mostly gone.

The correlation between this movie and what is occurring today is astonishing. For example, at Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez’s speaking event to her constituency in New York, a climate change protester started praising Ms. Cortez for her green new deal but said that that was not enough. She said:

“We’re not going to be here for much longer because of the climate crisis.

“We only have a few months left. I like that you support the green deal but getting rid of fossil fuels is not going to solve the problem fast enough.

“Our Swedish professors are saying that we can eat dead people but that’s not fast enough.

“So I think your next campaign slogan has to be this: we’ve got to start eating babies.

“We don’t have enough time. There’s too much CO2. All of you, you are a pollutant.

“Too much CO2. We have to start now, please. You are so great, I’m so happy that you really support the green new deal but its not enough you know.

“Even if we were to bomb Russia we still have too many people, too much pollution

“So we have to get rid of the babies, that’s a big problem.

“We need to eat babies. This is very serious, please give a response.”

Ocasio-Cortez was so taken aback she offered no response. Instead, she redirected her message to another topic.

There has been a controversy about an article alleging that food companies such as Pepsi Cola, Kraft, and Nestles have sold products manufactured using the tissue of aborted human babies. These companies adamantly claim they do not. They do admit partnering with a company called Senomyx, which is a U.S. based biotechnology company, focused on discovering and developing innovative flavor ingredients for the food, beverage, and ingredient supply industries.
Human Embryonic Kidney 293 cells, known as HEK 293 were derived from the kidney cells of an aborted human embryo in 1972. This cell line is widely used in efforts such as cell biology research and biotechnology/pharmaceutical development. Senomyx does admit to having a relationship with Pepsi Cola to try and help them reduce sugar in future products. However, Pepsi Cola does not conduct or fund research that utilizes any human tissue or cell lines derived from human embryos.

Can we believe such corporations?

Planned Parenthood has been caught selling aborted baby parts. It is horrendous to think where these aborted baby parts are going.

Going back to the prophetic movie, Soylent Green, we find out at the end of the movie after you have been euthanized, you are taken to be processed at the “corporation,” and are ground into the crackers... Soylent Green.

The world portrayed in Soylent Green may well be an accurate portrait of the world we will be living in the very near future.

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New Age is Jewish Movement

No one has studied the New Age Movement more than Texe Marrs. My earliest discovery was that virtually every New Age cult was founded by a Jew, or Jews. This makes sense because New Age doctrines came straight out of the Jewish Kabbalah.

Study the Kabbalah and you are studying the New Age Movement. No difference what-soever.

The New Age teaches that the “higher consciousness” person will become a god. It stresses that the entire world will eventually catapult into a higher state of consciousness, and that the Serpent will assist in this transformation. How much more Judaic can you be than that?

When Madonna, Britney Spears, or Hillary Clinton study the Kabbalah, they are certifying their New Age credentials. Remember how Hillary, her gal pals, and her New Age teacher, the Jewish guru, Jean Houston, used to go up on top of the White House and communicate with the spirits?

Today, Hillary and Bill can often be seen wearing their red wristbands, a sure sign of a Kabbalah disciple.

Contemporary New Agers pay homage to the Russian Jewess, Helena Blavatsky, who founded Theosophy and whose disciples today publish a series of New Age books by the “Tibetan Master, Djwahl Kuhl.” These teachings come from the Jewish Kabbalah.

Hinduism is pure Kabbalism, as is Freemasonry. Albert Pike, 33° Mason and father of the Scottish Rite’s ritual program, applauds the Kabbalah as embodying the core teachings of the Masonic Lodge.

Henry Clausen, 33°, Sovereign Grand Commander of Freemasonry, in his book, Emergence of the Mystical, states:

“Today we are at the threshold of a new era…We look toward a transformation into a New Age, using…the insight and wisdom of the ancient mystics…and the mysticism of Eastern religions.”

Make no mistake—Freemasonry and its rituals are thoroughly New Age, and thus are Judaic. This fact is why Texe Marrs and Power of Prophecy are dedicated to exposing the evil doctrines and practices of Judaism and the New Age.

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Christian Ministry Is Target of Hate Campaign

"If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you—The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you."

John 15:18-20
Answers in Genesis is a conservative Christian ministry that publishes materials and books telling the truth about evolution. Its leadership and staff support the Biblical account in the book of Genesis. The group has nothing to do with any other activity. Just your typical group of nice, family-type, fundamentalist Bible believers.

But the group's exposure of evolution is sure arousing hatred and turmoil in Florence, Kentucky, where their headquarters is located. When Answers in Genesis recently sought permission from county authorities to rezone a piece of land way out of town to build a Creation Science Museum to support the Bible, a furor arose. The group found itself the target of vicious, anti-Christian hatred and bigotry.

First, a humanist group called the Free Inquiry Group put out a newsletter telling its members to fight the project. They wrote mean-spirited letters to the editor of the newspaper and even threatened a First Amendment lawsuit that would cost the county millions of dollars.

Then a lawyer and a liberal pastor chimed in to attack the project, expressing their support for scientific evolution against what they allege is the "stupidity of the Bible's myth of creation."

One woman hysterically testified before the planning commission: "Any group opposed to evolution is a cult!" The woman compared Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham to cult leader Jim Jones of Guyana Peoples Temple infamy.

From Cincinnati to Lexington, the dispute hit the newspapers on almost a daily basis. The uproar inspired an anti-God, University of Kentucky professor to e-mail some 600 people by computer, urging them to bombard the Answers in Genesis 1-800 toll free phone line with hostile calls. The professor suggested that activists demand that Answers in Genesis send them in the mail its free, 25-page booklet opposing evolution. "This should slow them down awhile," he wrote.

The opposition was too much for the County Commission's four elected officials to take. Cowardly, they unanimously voted 4-0 to deny the Christian ministry's request to build the museum. No reasons were given. They did not allow Mr. Ham or supporters of the Creation Science Museum an opportunity to comment or protest.

Do you agree with me that this is a prime example of the Clinton-style, 1990s Stalinist America? The new America is a place where a politically incorrect faith like Biblical Christianity must not be allowed to function and exist.

As for the optimistic Mr. Ham, he says his ministry has decided to look elsewhere for a site for the museum. "God has something better for us," he explained.

Nevertheless, Ken Ham sounds an alarm to true Christians everywhere, "This is not just a local Kentucky thing," he says. "This is indicative of something that is happening across the nation—We don't have religious freedom in this country anymore. What's happening here should be a warning."

Mr. Ham is right. Here at Living Truth Ministries, we, too, have felt the heat of satanic oppression. Last year, vandals smashed the lights on posts outside our secluded office building. Prior to that, witches left signs and evidence on our doorstep of a ritual they had conducted against us.

Meanwhile, a homosexual group began an odious and hateful campaign to barrage our toll free phone line with crank calls. Homosexual activists screamed profanities at the sweet Christian ladies who answer our order lines. Our staff did not utter a negative word in return. They simply told the callers in a pleasant and loving voice that we were praying for them.

Friends, if Answers in Genesis or Texe Marrs and Living Truth Ministries were willing to compromise our Biblical truths, we would be loved and embraced by the world. Instead, we sometimes suffer intense persecution and often experience the spewing of vile bigotry.

But wait! Don't think we're complaining. In fact, we are blessed. We thank our Lord Jesus Christ for the glorious opportunities He provides us to serve Him. And we thank each of you who so generously give of your financial means and your prayers. We love you and pray that God will richly reward you for your faithfulness. God bless you!

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Inspired by otherworldly dreams and visions, the Illuminati are globally creating a serpentine New Earth being readied for habitation by hordes of demonic invaders. Satanic architecture and Masonic monuments are an occultic type of "gospel in stone." The colossal, new architecture is built symbolically according to witchcraft and occult ritual and is being used to seduce and program peoples' minds; in effect—to seize and possess human souls.

Mysterious Monuments presents the undeniable, thrilling truth that architecture is much more than a collection of statues, monuments, and buildings made of stone, brick, mortar, wood, steel, and glass. Architecture is power. It has become the chief vehicle of satanic treachery on this planet and is thus endowed with all the trappings of prophetic destiny.

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American Beauty?—The Beast, the Serpent, and the Naked Woman

Now let us move a little closer to home, back to the United States of America. Every citizen, it seems, wishes at one time or another to tour our nation's illustrious capital, Washington, D.C., with its rich store of history and tradition. Having been taught practically from birth that ours is a Christian nation, founded on biblical values, what might the visitor discover in his brief tour of this great city on the Potomac River?

Starting first at the Library of Congress, our visitor comes upon a scene that sets his mind a'roaring. His eyes behold the great Fountain. What is that he sees? Could it be? Yes, it is—a hideous, green, horned beast rising from the waters of chaos. The beast is surrounded by demonic dolphins and other sea creatures. A vicious sea-spitting serpent is his companion. To his right there is a wild and tempestuous naked woman in stone, a sea nymphet astride a horse, a horse driven stark, raving mad.

Who, or what, wonders our visitor, does this beast and his companions represent? What is this monstrosity doing poised at the entrance to one of America's most magnificent buildings, the Library of Congress, said to house the "collective wisdom" of the people of the United States, acknowledged widely as the world's only remaining superpower?