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[A meme with a picture of antifa activists on top and Republicans at a rally below, entitled:]

Democrats: Violently riot in the streets and destroy the country they hate

Republicans: Work hard, pay their taxes, andpray for the country the love

[and this text below:]

n fact if Republicans were smart (questionable) they’d be repeating “jobs, not mobs” over and over.

It’s a slogan that is simple, easy to understand and is 100% accurate.

Democrats have devolved into the party of “mobs” while Republican control of government created the best economy of our lifetime. At least until the China declared war with the USA via Covid.

Why anyone would ever want to vote for Democrats and pick the mob, over jobs is beyond me.

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Actually, Bill Nye got his START on a local Seattle comedy show called “ALMOST LIVE!” back in the 80s. He was just another local comedian who happened to have an interest in science. I don’t know if he has any actual college degrees (other than Liberal Arts Degrees, which are as useless as a Democrat at voting time) but he IS a reasonable funny man. A little brain-dead from drinking too much Kool-Aid, but still funny in his own way.
I used to enjoy letting my kids learn about how things work by watching his Science Guy show. It helped them form an intelligent grasp of the world around us. But when Nye started doing his “Praise Lord Obozo” act it really pissed me off. Polluting OUR air so he can ride in a fucking plane with his savior, Barry the Blameless just shows what a typical Libtard Nye really is… it’s OK for THEM to have a gazillion-ton carbon footprint but the REST OF US need to drive Prius’ and ride bikes and only eat FMO FOODS so we can save the planet. Never mind what they DO… just do as they SAY! Libtardian douchebags!!!!!

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Daniel, I have a Masters of Aerospace Engineering and completed all my coursework toward a PhD in AE. I worked for 35 years in atmospherics, mathematical modeling, and dynamic systems. Nye has the request background in advanced mathematics to look into the legitimacy of the models but obviously hasn’t done so.

The vast majority of the climate models are built on a fundamental flaw in the assumptions used to solve the system equations. It is the reason so much effort is going into “refining” data beyond recognition – about as big an affront to the scientific method that could be devised.

As for the 96% number, it came from a howlingly misleading news report that misused about every statistical principle in the book. You really need to investigate the information that is being parroted.

BTW, show me a climatologist researching global warming and I’ll show you someone whose entire livelihood depends keeping the studies going.