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Matt Walsh's children's book skyrockets to #1 on Amazon's LGBTQ+ best sellers list

"Going forward, all criticism of me or my work is homophobic," said Walsh.

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh's children's book "Johnny the Walrus" reached the #1 spot on Amazon's LGBTQ+ best sellers list, with the author proclaiming that any criticisms of his book would be considered "homophobic." The achievement follows the book selling out in just 24 hours on the internet commerce website.

Walsh said of the achievement Sunday: "I am thrilled and honored to have written the number one LGBT book in the country and take my responsibility as a leading LGBT voice very seriously." The podcast host and now-bestselling writer added, "Going forward, all criticism of me or my work is homophobic. And with my new Twitter handle, I have now become totally exempt from all criticism. I can feel the power running through my veins."

The book tells the story of a little boy named Johnny, who believes that he is a walrus instead of a human. He even dresses up as a walrus, donning wooden spoon for tusks and striped tube socks for fins.

In the book, Johnny's mother is slammed by "Stop Anti-Walrusism" activists, who on social media call Johnny's mother "literally walrusphobic," demanding she respect his pronouns, "he/him/walrux," and enable her son's transition to full-on walrushood.

The progressive mother, caving to trans species activists, then begins to cover Johnny in grey makeup, bathe him in cold water, and feeds him "wormones."

Walsh has called the book his "magnum opus," stating that it is the "finest piece of literature" he's ever written. "Biology is not malleable. It's not relative. It's an objective reality," Walsh told Tucker Carlson in a Fox News interview. "I want to send a message of basic sanity, understanding what it means to be a child, because that seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle."

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DQSH NYC’s self-proclaimed agenda aims to erase binary gender identity altogether and sets out to teach children "there’s no such thing as girl clothes and boy clothes, or girl toys and boy toys."
The pre-booking informational packet contains even more concerning "tips" for convincing parents who don’t want their children being exposed to a drag queen event stating, "Some schools end up canceling events due to complaints from parents. If you need help explaining the importance of LGBTQ-affirming programming such as DQSH to your school’s administration or parents, we have resources for that!"