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What are the biggest lies the medical community has told us, in addition to falsely convincing everyone that they will heal them with drugs, and that diet and exercise are secondary to the drugs, if important at all?

* Only medical doctors are experts in health. Physicians are trained to be specialists in sickness and disease, not health. You have to be sick. And it is all about generating profit for drug companies by keeping you sick.

* Screening is for prevention. BS. Screening does not prevent diseases. It just puts colossal amounts of “research” money into the pockets of the drug companies. They don’t want people free of diseases. Which is why there still aren’t any cures for anything. Screening is, in essence, done for the purpose of actually promoting disease.

* Health insurance will safeguard you from illness. The opposite is true. Health insurance keeps you on the hamster wheel of sickness.

* Disease is a genetic hand you’ve been dealt. Nope. They put classifications like this on people to make them think there is no point in changing anything lifestyle-wise. So they will resign themselves to there being nothing they can do besides maintaining their condition with pharmaceuticals. Getting heart disease is not bad luck.

* More research is needed. This is a good one. There is never a cure just around the corner. The truth is, everything is curable. But it will never come from the medical system.

* You need to go to the hospital. The leading cause of death in North America is going to the hospital. Unless you desperately need surgery, or have been in a terrible accident, stay well clear of hospitals. Your education about how your body and nervous system works is usually the only intervention required.

* And the best one of all… You will get sick and die without a vaccine. Apparently, immune systems are unreliable and a faulty design. We know better than the one who created this marvelously complex and efficient, self-healing system.