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The Illuminati has an extensive network of tunnels, and it is essentially a subway system that's used by only secretive organizations within the government. These tunnels act as a subway system that instead of connecting points within a city, is able to connect points between secret bases, such as Area 51 and the Dulce Base of New Mexico. Some stretch even further than that, connecting Area 51 with bases underneath New York City or the Denver airport for instance. There is literally a whole world beneath your feet. In fact, the government has constructed vast underground cities complete with highways. Shockingly, there is proof of the existence of these tunnels, as some of them are basically hidden in plain sight! And there is even footage showing the entrance to the tunnels on YouTube! There is extensive scientific proof of the existence of this secret tunnel network.
Now, if you think that it's just humans who are occupying these tunnels....... nope. The satanic reptilian extraterrestrials are controlling our world in secret, and many interactions between government officials and extraterrestrials are taking place in these tunnels. As a result of these secret human-alien interactions, unspeakable horrors have taken place. For instance, in the Dulce base of New Mexico, there is strong evidence that reptilians, grays, and humans are all working together to perform various genetic engineering experiments. Strange, hybrid creatures have been seen in the area, and the hybrids are truly bizarre, such as strange winged creatures and even a "cabbit" (a cross between a cat and a rabbit).

However, it's not just animals that are being subjected to these cruel experiments. They are experimenting on humans as well, and human cloning is even taking place in secret! Some abudctees even report that they were brought to secret underground bases by the aliens, and as a result, they had interactions with humans in the shadow government during their abduction. People in the Dulce area have heard horrific screams emanating from vents near the Dulce base.

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I must tell you that the greys and the reptilians (reptiloids) have a totaly different anatomi. The greys allso have special psycik abilityes that the reptilians dont have. I have stydied aliens for some time now and can give you my profesional apinion: the greys and the reptilians are not the same. and mostly the greys are only reported to cover there feet and not there entyre body! The greys allso have a highly advansed teknology and I allso know that they are very sofisticated in genetic science, so why would they use suits when they can just simply change their genetic structure.

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A Real Time Connection with God

Hello All
My Spiritual Quest for this moment in time has been whittled down to one simple question. How to have a real time, strong and stable, instantaneous, conscious communion with God?

A direct and uncorrupted personal line to the Great Universal Mind of THAT.

Whenever a question arose, one might offer-up a simple prayer and receive an answer immediately. No synchronistic signs or coincidences, but a clear audio voice in ones own mind. A voice that is Understanding, Compassionate and Wise.

Today when I pray to God I am still very surprised by how well it works, but now I am talking about taking it to a whole other level - or 7.

There is a passage in the Bible that reads,
"For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open."

Can you imagine the change in our lives and society as a whole if this became a common ability? Love freedom happiness and justice would permeate and reign over every aspect of Life. We could actually build a Heaven on Earth very easily.

So assuming such a thing is possible, the question now becomes how? How could one attain such a communion with God? I have a rough idea of what it might take, but it is only my personal opinion and just a very basic idea at best.

First of ALL there is Vibration.

Love or Fear - a choice that is going to reverberate thru every aspect of Life. Thinking about, expressing, and therefore becoming love just may be the master key needed to unlock the greatest secret of our hearts desire.

Demonstrating the art of love, we may gain the insights, skills and wisdom needed to experience and understand self and other. We gain confidence in Life and are unafraid of even the harshest of lessons.

The higher we vibrate, the greater the ability?

Secondly - I feel that actually practicing prayer and listening are vitally important. I know that prayer works, but the very fact that I am still amazed at how well it works tells me that I have some work to do. Just as all great pianists must practice for hours and hours, day after day, so a regular communion with God may give you the ability to hear THAT. Finding yourself an enjoyable spiritual practice is probably a key component.

Attending to God - a reaching out with as much pure intent, passion and conviction as possible. A full and whole giving of oneself in a single pointed moment attaining to God.

And thirdly - participating in quality activities. Anything that lifts the spirit in any positive way.

Personally my spirits are raised and realised by meditation and prayer, exercising, walking out in nature with or without the dogs, eating well, being sociable, listening to good music and the higher arts in general - especially poetry and prose. All have a tremendously uplifting affect. Listening to certain folks on YouTube can lift my spirit way high. As well as loads of other things including the giving of my time and helping others in any small way. I mean if nothing else we are going to have a more fulfilled and happy life!

But this is only a small part of my personal list. So please remember that there is no one and no thing between you and God.

And besides taking part in more wholesome activities, we might also avoid the grosser, crazy immature and ignoble and hurtful habits that are holding us back too!

But always remember that ultimately speaking this is a mental transfiguration and connection via your heart and mind to Gods Immaculate Mind - A consciousness expansion.

And so all the above may be reduced down to one word - Dedication.

Faith in this arena is already a given. Yet great FAITH is a bringer of Excellence. And so it is by a great dedication that our Faith is made manifest to God, and oneself is made a worthy vessel, pure enough to be blessed in such a magnificent way.

Or perhaps this is all a massive over-thinking, maybe this is achievable in a single moment via one huge and intensively deep feeling and raw emotion? But then why should it be either one or the other?

So anyway, is this a vision of things to come for humanity?

A Fellowship with, and Walking in - Spirit?

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The thing is, I'm a huge fan of Jay-Z. He's mys second favorite rapper. So today I was on Youtube searching for videos about the whole thing about Lil Wayne kissing Birdman, it took me to a video about Lil Wayne dissing Jay-Z, that took me to a video about Jay-Z having a subliminal message on his black album CD. The title of the track is "Lucifer". A priest in a church played this songs backwards for his audience and you can hear a message that supposedly says "Six Six Six Murder Murder Jesus Six Six Six". All I know is that there were three other artists who wrote this song including Kanye West. So I was wondering what some of you thought about this.

Here's the video link to the preacher's sermon.


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The purported 'Manson family' murders of Sharon Tate and Abigail Folger were faked to provide the U.S. military/intelligence rationale for a brutal crackdown on anti-war activists.
Sharon Tate's father is Colonel Paul Tate. Abigail Folger, purportedly murdered alongside Sharon Tate in the same house that night, had similar ties to U.S. military intelligence. Her father is Peter Folger, Major Peter Folger , who was a marines major/army intelligence officer (Associate Chief Information Officer) with the famous Black Sheep marine fighting squadron 214 stationed out of Hawaii in WW2:

Sharon Tate's father, Colonel Paul Tate, was stationed at The Presidio base and working at the attached Fort Baker (connected via the Golden Gate Bridge). Colonel Michael Aquino was operating a psychological warfare unit out of The Presidio at the same time that Colonel Paul Tate was working there. Michael Aquino knew Susan Atkins via his Temple of Set and her affiliation with the occult psy-op run by Anton LaVey in the mid-1960s. Susan Atkins had been a go-go dancer/stripper in one of LaVey's vampire plays

Susan Atkins with Anton LaVey in 1966 review

Colonel Michael Aquino hooked up with Anton LaVey after returning from his stint in Vietnam in 1968, at the same time that Aquino set up his psychological warfare operations at The Presidio. Susan Atkins was an operative who knew Aquino via Anton LaVey , and helped their San Francisco-based (Presidio/Fort Baker) psychological warfare op fake the murders of Sharon Tate and Abigail folder in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. Abigail Folger and similarly Sharon Tate, were both , like Atkins, highly intelligent operatives who were assigned roles in the Manson drama.

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How advanced were the Romans and the ancients? Maybe they had cars. In 100 AD there was a coin minted to celebrate the making of the first highway in Rome. This coin shows the Roman emperor Trajan driving a car with his hand on a steering wheel and he is wearing a seat belt. Here is a quote from a coin magazine about this coin:
"Via traiana, an extension of the Appian Way in southern Italy. The depiction of the personification of the highway is reminiscient of the art nouvean posters of the 20s and 30s advertising motor cars."
Here are some web sites: http://tjbuggey.anci...fo/viatraj.html

So what are the implications? IF the Romans had a working steam or gasoline engine, they we know how the pyramids were built.

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As everybody knows that on this UFO and Bigfoot sites there are people who support the scientific and academic communities who like to denouce anybody who believes or have seen UFOs or Bigfoot as liars and totally insane. All evidence is fabricated and cannot be trusted.
The academic world likes to tell they are superior to us and we have to trust their opinons because they have their precious Phds. But what is really going on the poison halls of Ivy? PENN STATE. Now we see the truth that there are sexual perverts inhabiting the poison halls. But they will come back and say "it is only the football players doing these things" However, THE PRESDIENT OF PENN STATE WAS INVOLVED IN THE COVERUP!! His job is to protect the perverts, all perverts whether on the football team or in the classrooms. So we see that the rot goes from the top to the bottom of the poison halls.
So the next time on this site somebody says you are insane or stupid or a liar because you seen a UFO or Bigfoot or took a pictures, remember PENN STATE and where the criticism is coming from.

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[Talking about claims of finding hieroglyphs in the Great Pyramid)

The so called cartouche written above the Kings Chamber in the GP has to be one of the biggest jokes in the whole of Egyptology.

It just doesn't stand up to any form of scrutiny, and has more to do with the furtherance of the career of one Howard Vyse, perhaps the biggest archaeological vandal and fraud of all time.

If the builders were artistic and wanted to display themsleves and their culture within the worlds greatest monument then no doubt could easily have done so more dramatically and thoroughly.

So why didn't they? Well quite simply they didn't need to. Their communication was telepathic and mentally based, rather than the more crude vocal, written and pictorial.

Think: Never will you see teeth shown in Egyptian art. The clues abound for those with eyes to see.

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Since most on here think I'm crazy, I'm going to propose a different theory.
We've been arguing on the forum about the possibility of a civil war here. Well, I've been thinking about it and I don't think there'll be one. Reason why, I don't think there'll be anybody left alive to have one. I got a couple of pieces of new information. Did you know that the U.S. Army has got their biggest recruting offices and basic training facilities in Mexico? They're training those troops for riot control in the U.S. This is in addition to increasing the U.S. forces to one million. That's more troops than we had in WW2. Then I read that Russia has enough deep underground cities to hold 85% of their population. That's 255 million people. China has been digging, too. They can put another 200 million or so underground. The U.S. has not been making any for the general population, just for the politicians and the rich folks. Here's what I think. I think this whole thing is a Communist plot to take over the world. Obama and his bunch call themselves 'socialists' but that means Communist. They want to save about 500,000 folks to be slaves and tend the crops and do all the labor in the world. Common sense says they're not going to want slaves that are apt to cause trouble. That means they're going to pick their slaves from people who are already slaves and used to it. Russians and Chinese have been slaves for hundreds of years and never rebelled. They sure don't want whites or blacks, they fight all the time. I think they plan on moving their slaves underground and then wiping out everybody on the surface, 100%. They're going to turn loose a plague or a series of them, starting with the swine flu, maybe Ebola Fever, and Anthrax. They'll use those foreign troops for riot control but they'll die, too. All of ours will, too. They'll stay hid out for a year or so, till the plagues are finished and come out and start their New World Order. Makes sense to me. KennyB

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[About the cold war.]

BB, I know the 'official' version of the 'cold war' history, and, that as usual, it's a crock of BS. The cold war was only a mental war. At no time, was there any danger of it morphing into a real war. It was a conspiracy between the American leaders and Stalin to 'pretend' to almost be about to go to war so they could keep the wartime taxes and military expenditures high. Both militaries like to play 'war games' but not for real. KennyB

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i heard the bible believed demons can appear as humans even as humans that actually exhist and pretend to be someone close

like your grandmother might be at her home sleeping but you get a knock on your door at 2am and a woman is outside who appears to be your grandmother but its not the real her
like a duplicate.. a demon who disguises themself to gain the trust of people

but what i read from the bible is that something will be off, they cant perfectly replicate a person, physically or intellectuall

so the person might have a slightly different eye color, or large pupils, talk strange, act different..

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[Advice to someone who has supposedly seen a ghost at a haunted house]

Until you figure out what it is thats drawing you to this event you probably wont get peace, but I would be careful with this one, if its the ghost attached to you, remember you have a young daughter she(the spirit) may seek safety with you because I feel you being drawn to her probably means your sensitive to spirits. They know when someone can pick up their vibrations, you should not let her attach to you, you are alive with home and family she is dead and needs to move on. You can bring things home with you and put your baby at risk.

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(New Age Fundie?)

There will be a huge earthquake that will take place in July 08 that will hit the South Eastern part of Asia and will be felt all over the world. The earthquake will affect China with the most damage and the Eastern Pacific Islands will see tidal waves like none before. This earthquake will be the biggest and most disastrous earthquake seen yet by modern man. It will cause more damage then the previous earthquake in China, May 08 or any other one before.

The damage from this earth shattering experience will have an unforeseen outcome that will cause uncertainty for all. This will accelerate the falling economy to the collapse. China’s economy will be the first to suffer but will effect the rest of the world. This will cause confusion and suffering for all and mass panic. The USA will fall to rubble.

You will be happy to know me. I am a Prophetess. I am the Guardian of Earth. My name is Aurora and I am here for one specific reason. To start a “New Way” a new society that will clear the lies and expose the Truth. You will have all the answers.

There is a storm coming. You must be ready.

The Guardian

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This is about the mysterious banging, clanging, construction-type sounds heard in (one or both of) the twin towers in the weeks and months prior to 9/11. It was discussed in the (Internet) film 9/11 MYSTERIES. First, famed witness William Rodriguez reported the sounds. He said they were coming from a floor at which no elevators stopped. There was no button to go there. Then, much more vividly, another guy (whose name eludes me) reported the sounds on the floor above him. (We can assume others on his floor also heard them and were discussed. He wasn't hallucinating). Out of curiosity he went to look up there and, holy cannoli, the entire floor was utterly empty; devoid of any sign of activity or anything else!

Could there have been ghosts or other invisible beings operating there?

This is obviously the most overlooked aspect of the saga. How many other witnesses are alive? This needs to be explored to the fullest.

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I just saw on another thread 'names on the other side' someone joke about how in the spiritual world we are all identified by ip address.

This made me think of of the Book of Revelation and how the mark of the beast could possibly be our ip addresses.

"He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, freeman and slave, to receive a mark on (or in*) his right hand or on (or in*) his forehead, so that no-one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. This calls for wisdom, if anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a person and it's number is 666." Rev 13:16-18

*When referring to having the mark in his right hand could that be a mouse? Or his forehead be the computer monitor???

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Can someone tell me what are those nossles on the sides of the government military planes that fly over our home late at night denied by our government with the cover story vapour trails to insult the ignorant? Can someone tell me what else they could be, on that plane or shall i copy diagram shots for you first......good idea, i want the bottom of why so many here refute without evidence the obvious in front of their eyes. they seem to be a little outlandish with their attiudes. Proof with your claims please.

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You know, the past couple of days as I’ve been walking around the lake during lunch, I’ve postulated the theory that Jesus Christ was really an alien DNA experiment, and that the whole premise of the human race is that we are a long-running genetic experiment being conducted by a very old (by our reckoning) race of people. Maybe they have been evolving for 500 billion years, and they live for 500,000 years. Let’s say they are a very peaceful, giving people.

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Water, if you watch the video I justed linked, has secret powers that defy the rules of science because they go against the 2nd law of thermodynamics. The video is on Victor Schauberger, the Austrian Naturalist who was forced to design water vortex turbines for the Nazis and later for Brookhaven Labs in the U.S. His turbine engine is shown in the end of the video.