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Danley Wolfe #wingnut wattsupwiththat.com

Climate propaganda has reached stages far beyond the well known propaganda of Nazi Germany, trying to censure and destroy people’s lives and careers, is something Herr Doctor Paul Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945, would greatly envy and value highly.

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Gary Pearse #wingnut wattsupwiththat.com

What the new left wants is destruction of family, religion, freedom, and economic wellbeing to create the new world order. The main project is bringing down the USA because it is the world’s economic engine, and the bedrock of freedom. Corruption of the education system and institutional frameworks have been under siege for two or three generations. Climateering, knocking down borders, weaponizing immigration, creating new genders etc. are all part of the putsch.

Socialists have tried to appear a more attractive and caring alternative to free enterprise but their real life experiments in governance were a murderous disaster. Now the gloves are off and they arent afraid to show their fangs. They can’t compete but blowing up the foundation seems promising to them.

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Gbees #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

Fraud: A deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain. The climate change dogma is defrauding taxpayers around the World of $trillions. Anyone who propagates human induced climate change con/scam, supports it or campaigns to bring it about should be arrested and charged with fraud.

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Gary Ashe #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

The BBC is a hive of cultural Marxism. I cannot use the words i use in private to describe them here, they control Journalistic traing and their Union, they infect everything they touch with progressive falseness, a truly vile worthless organisation to all but momentum and Common Purpose graduates,…….. a national broadcaster that despises the ”british” in its title and 80% of the population that do not identify as ”progressive”,……Having 8 billion £ of your 12 billion £ pension fund tied up in the green bank is a big factor in their propaganda.

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Pop Piasa #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

To be a climate change skeptic has labeled us as ultra-conservative even if you are like myself, usually straddling the fence. I put that into a song back when Obummer was still king.

Science, Politics and Fear

Our President (Obama) just called me a denier,
He told his followers to put my “feet to the fire”!
Engaging in ridicule, spin and vicious mirth,
Proposing that “doubters live on a flat earth”.
Claiming that “To wind and solar power we must turn”-
Preaching that we’re doomed by all the fossil fuel we burn.

Science, politics and fear…
They tell us “hell on earth” will soon be here
So get out your ‘Humboldt County grown’ and I’ll go get some beer;
Here comes science, politics and fear.

While telling this, I wonder just how long it might be,
Before those “men in black” come sneaking ‘round to visit me.
While I accept the theory of that “greenhouse effect”,
The common sense my daddy taught me’s making me suspect…
There’s much more to climate change than carbon trapping infrared
And the people have by “new progressive science” been misled.

Science, politics and fear…
The end of all free nations could be near.
So, let’s protect the sovereignties we all hold dear
From science, politics and fear.

Instrumental verse & refrain

The panicked fight on climate is a challenge to surmise,
After decades now with just El Nino temperature rise.
Those models, they get further from reality each year
Yet, consensus of opinion of the future mongers fear!
But, I fear global governmental centralization:
U.N. bureaucrat controllers of a world enslaving nation.

Science, politics and fear…
Hey, ‘1984’ is almost here!
An unholy trinity’s replaced the Holy one, its clear-
Science, politics and fear!

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Bruce Cobb #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

No matter how they got there, the bottom line is that the CAGW warmunist ideology is dying. It may take a while to root out of governments, government-funded organizations, schools, and the MSM, since they have gone all-in and have vested interests in it, but it will happen, slowly but surely.

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graphicconception #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

The main point is not about benefiting Russia. It is more that Russia needs to be perceived as an enemy.

Russia is one of the few powerful countries that has not fully signed up to the “New World Order” (NWO) scenario which is the path the US has been following since the time when Prescott Bush (GHW’s father) financed both sides in WW2 and made the Bush’s fortune.

The NWO team are playing a long game. The UN is part of the plan but it needs a constant supply of money that cannot easily be taken away from it. That is where the climate scam comes in. What better than to tax the whole world on the pretext of “saving the planet” and then funneling the proceeds through the UN. They would then be a self-sustaining entity that would not care what Nick Haley said to them.

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Andy Pattullo #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

A nation’s military are there to safeguard the nation’s people and their constitutional rights. Apparently environmentalists see things differently. They would cancel democracy, free speech, economic growth, and almost any other personal freedom, while invoking marshal law to support their pet fantasy of preventing human caused global warming even in the absence of any conclusive proof it is a threat.

It is important for voters to understand this mind set and ensure it does not gain traction. People should read or re-read 1984 by George Orwell if they want to understand the risks of letting this type of thinking turn into policy. Similarly a read of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged which outlines her view of the erosive impact of this type of thinking that she saw first hand during the Soviet years might be educational.

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Warren Blair #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

Eric is an elite white-collar criminal transnational tax avoider.

But to his current motivations:

1. Destroy Assange . . . yes Eric Schmidt went to meet Julian to enlist Julian to work ‘beside’ him at Google, but he failed. Julian does not care for money and power… he cares about sovereignty and truth. Eric views these beliefs as unforgivable sins. There’s a book if you look.

2. Hillary . . . Eric still can’t believe he failed to get Hillary into the White House (after his success with Obama). Now he’s going to make everyone pay.

3. Green cartel . . . Eric is the new director of kill-a-sceptic.

Eric Schmidt is a very dangerous man and he’ll do some damage to the USA in particular in his new role.

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TA #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

From the article: “I think I’m on pretty firm ground when I suggest Eric Schmidt is likely to devote a lot of time and money in the future to attacking climate skeptics.”

Well, here’s a guaranteed way to attack skeptics, Mr. Schmidt: Provide proof that humans are causing the climate to change. As soon as you provide proof, skeptics will change their minds and see it your way.

That shouldn’t be too hard to do considering all the claims that have been made about CAGW. It shouldn’t take more than a few weeks to assemble an unassailable proof that connects human-caused CO2 to changes in the Earth’s climate. Just Google it.

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Hugs #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

Yes, I oppose climate change. I’m sure I’m now hurting his children, are I not?

Schmidt is a bimbo who can’t see the difference between opposing climate change and expecting serious GHG mediated AGW to happen, let alone expecting something to happen and being capable of doing something significant to it.

Schmidt has, by far, a much much bigger personal CO2 footprint than me. IMO he may preach as much as he wants, and I laugh at his double standard communist face. He’s one of those brats that can’t just see how totally Obama lost his climate agenda.

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schitzree #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

I’d be pretty upset too, if I just found out the tens of thousands of dollars I’d spent on college, not to mention the years of study, was wasted.

Dr. Myhre appears to have majored in ‘Climate Communication’ with a minor in ‘Being Triggered’. I’m sure her professors all assured her that there would be many great career opportunities for her upon graduation, but WHOOPS, Trump got elected, and suddenly it’s no longer the end of a career to admit in public that you have some doubts about the whole Climate Crisis.

We are looking at the end game for the Climate Alarm, and we will see many more such melt downs as more of the Faithful come to face the fact that the population regard their religion as a scam. Or worse, a joke.

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davezawadi #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

I think you have just seen the proof that the whole AGW nonsense is entirely false. The proponents have nothing at all, no evidence save imaginary computer models they have concocted.

They have been asked for evidence so many times, and failed to provide any at all, and refused to acknowledge the experiments of others which provide evidence that their claims are false.

They have shut down any other publication by means of the bogus peer review process, whilst reviewing one another’s work as satisfactory!

It is time for all this to end, and perhaps Trump is doing that ending.

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ntesdorf #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

The recent developments in Climate Science and the rise of cultural Marxism shows that there could be some truth in the theory that the human race has peaked, but it has not been caused by Climate Change but by the rise of Left socialism.

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Dodgy Geezer #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

Once warming had become a discussion issue, all sorts of people jumped on the bandwagon. Lots of activists saw this as their chance for world organisation along their favoured lines. One name not mentioned above is Margaret Thatcher, the PM of the UK, who was in a major battle with the UK coal miners at the time.

Since the UK was dependent on coal for electrical energy, the miners could, and did, hold the country to ransom whenever they wanted more pay. Thatcher used the beginning of the ‘CO2 scare’ to argue for increased use of nuclear power – a policy which would break the coal mining monopoly on power generation. This was politically very influential in Europe at the time…

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Bruce Cobb #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

The Climateers go back and forth on whether it is better to frighten people, or to give them hope that changing that lightbulb and recycling that plastic bottle will help “save the planet”. Good propaganda does both which is what they’ve been doing, but lying to people eventually fails, and that is what’s happening now. It is hilarious to watch them agonize over which is better, and moaning and groaning about why “the message” still isn’t getting through.

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LdB #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

They still don’t get the problem do they, that the trust is gone because they mix politics with science. Climate Science and it’s “leading” scientists aren’t just reporting facts and data they are trying to dictate actions and the bring in other factors like world social justice, renewable energy and green agendas.

The big standout is world social justice and how and why that ever got involved. For most areas of science the process of how that gets translated into the wider world is up to individual governments, economics and companies and entrepreneurs. Our entire human history is built on inequality and the inclusion of that into a science field created a situation the field is doomed to fail until it is reformed. We have seen religious groups trying to put themselves at the centre of science and they fail for the same reason.

The fact they don’t understand why they are failing is actually very funny and I think sums up those in the activist group.

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jc #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

Something to bear in mind is that “climate science” is just a niche interest area “science” based on fake data and failed predictions mainly attracting those interested in unethical practices.

The “Algorians” desperately need to spread the word about there being a “consensus” amongst scientists. There is no scientific consensus, at least none that anyone pushing the AGW agenda can furnish anyone with.

It’s all part of the scam. The next time anyone mentions the “consensus” ask them to provide evidence of it. They won’t be able to.

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climanrecon #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

I visit so-called “denier” blogs because they bring to light the “unhelpful” facts that somehow fail to get a mention in climate science press releases and friendly media interviews and comment pieces.

The authors of “denier” blog posts don’t need any scientific qualifications, so this just looks like a priesthood getting its robes into a twist because the game is over for them, the inevitable fate of all priesthoods.

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NME666 #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

Bill, there are several aspects to the goreBULLwarming nonsense. One is the so called science, and then there is the so called science reporters, but one of the biggest problems are the “believers”, and they tend to elect incompetents like Obama into office. Means test for voter and a scaled vote is the best solution to this problem:-))

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cephus0 #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

I guess you all know that the only remaining hope of ever breaking the cycle of ignorance, witch doctor level voodoo pseudoscience and despair lies with God Emperor Trump and his America don’t you? No politician, institution or journal in Europe, Australasia or Canada is ever going to break ranks on this. I cannot see any possibility of a non-career political maverick like Trump gaining power anywhere else. Even if a right wing party get voted in somewhere – like Austria for example – they will just keep quiet on this issue so their detractors cannot use the hysterical and risible yet universally accepted “science denier” slur.

Even now with all the evidence piling up on the side of the sceptics and not a whiff of significant warming happening or accelerating sea level rise or more extreme weather or ocean pH and on and on and the models completely discredited the UK government has placed a windmill-loving, true-believing eco-loon in the position of Environment Minister. Right at the time we need to be accelerating away from the doomed EU and going full-on fracking and nuclear the ‘government’ appoints a moonbat to cover all the lands in useless windmills and solar panels to drive up electricity prices and drive industry away.

Go Trump!

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schitzree #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

My Climate Skepticism WAS formed by what I was taught by my ‘Elites’. Specifically what I was taught by my Leftist teachers in school, what I learned from reading Popular Science, and what I saw in my games and entertainment. All through the 70’s and 80’s as I was growing up, I was bombarded by the twin scares of Overpopulation and the coming End of Oil. The predictions were based on clear scientific principles and statistics, and were undeniable. The solutions were equally clear, and presented as the coming waves of Clean Energy and UN/Socialist control of society. I spent hundreds of hours reading about Wind and Solar Power, the Hydrogen economy, and how the UN would soon lead us into a United Federation of Planets style of utopia.

But something odd happened as the 80’s gave way to the 90’s. Or several things, to be honest. None of the prediction of collapse or shortage came to pass. And the clean energy revolution that was just around, well, STAYED just around the corner. Then one by one the Communist ‘Command’ economies that we were supposed to start emulating for their ‘efficiency’ started collapsing. And the strangest thing of all? Despite all the failures of the predictions and solutions and GOVERNMENTS, the Left kept right on saying the same things. In fact, they just doubled down.

By the time Global Warming (aka Climate Change, Climate Disruption, Global Weirding, Climate Crisis, Extreme Weather, etc) became a major component of the Eternal Scare, I had stopped believing anything they said. The fact that 2 decades of further failure still hasn’t caused them to reevaluate their beliefs isn’t exactly likely to change my mind on that, and seeing just how dishonest many of them are willing to be (Climategate, Mann, Gleick, Lew, etc, etc) has left me highly unlikely to change my mind. At this point, NOTHING they might find of discover would, because I would just assume it was wrong… or FAKE.

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RAH #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

Another article showing that the real concern of the progressives is not the science but how to persuade people. And that’s the problem that they don’t understand.

They are far more worried about politics than data and good science because “Climate change” Is THE political issue that offers a path to the kind of overriding government control of all aspects of the lives of the citizens they believe it should have.

The government controlling everything from energy, to transportation, to land use and ownership, etc can be justified using environmental/climate change arguments. Conservatives intuitively understand this, and thus will resist.

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Goldrider #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

The left’s meltdown began with the 2016 election, but the unhinged behavior has escalated over the past year to the point where for anyone outside their indoctrinated bubble (read, anyone who can think for themselves) these people now have ZERO moral or intellectual authority.

H. Clinton’s lies and extreme grifting are now in daylight, her Hollywood flying monkeys have been exposed (literally!) for the amoral and hypocritical nuts they are, and the Democrat party has no message beyond doubling down on their failed and divisive identity politics.

Meanwhile, the economy is roaring, the President is enjoying far more prestige and respect overseas than his predecessor ever received, and I guarantee you that people making money have NO COMPLAINTS.

If you took away the MSM’s bias toward the perspectives of statistically small groups of perennial malcontents and attention-seekers, what would the “problem” be really?

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Lark #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

CAGW gives its devotees a reason to have Power (control over others’ lives), Pelf (other peoples’ money) and Position (reason to consider themselves better than others). PPP is the holy trinity of the parasite class; CAGW can’t possibly be a lie.

But a parasite is never satisfied; taking stuff from the people who make stuff is their job and their joy; they will do it ’til the end of the world and never have enough.

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Leo Smith #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

There is one huge organization that benefits hugely from climate change policies.


There is one country that owns Gazprom, or used to, that financed and supported anti-nuclear and green movements


There is one organisation closely tied to the above that is the world expert on controlled disinformation and propaganda.

FSB – the former KGB.

I would assume that someone has discovered this, connected the dots and what is reported above is a pre-emptive strike

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graphicconception #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) is not making enough money. The $250 million per day fighting terrorism is not enough to pay the bills. What they need is a big war somewhere. Russia would be ideal. So they have put the word out to their minions (e.g. Soros et al) and they have forwarded the message to the useful idiots in Congress etc.

The current tactic is to make Americans, and others, hate the Russians so much that some kind of (expensive) military intervention is required. Then the MIC can sit back and reap the benefit.

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james whelan #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

Collapse of judeo-christianity ,the end of the ‘cold war’, the rise of the ‘greens’ particularly in Germany has led to a psuedo-religious, Gaia-worshiping uprising in the West. CAGW fills a void, and is being manipulated to make the global elite richer by employing a public debt/private profit vehicle for absorbing the fiat created by the central banks.

Rationally , as the extreme forecasts are debunked, you would expect this to die. However humans are very rarely ‘rational’. And as the very essence of human rationality, science, is deeply contaminated , this religion will endure far longer than we imagine is likely.

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Notanist #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

I hope someone is keeping screen shots of some of the “better” (more egregious) global warming entries. Our descendants will scarcely believe that the same generation that rapidly advanced in so many areas of science went all delusional doomsday cult over CO2. History is so going to mock this nonsense, it could fill a museum.

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higley7 #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

Actually most of the Muslim immigration has been part of a plan to invade Europe, the Kalergi Plan. The dominantly young men invading Europe were directed by their Imams to go and rape Europe, impregnate the women, and take over Europe. Climate has nothing to do with this plan and never will.

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KO #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

Indeed. This is so reminiscent of the early 1980s and the run-off of the “Ozone Hole” WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE crisis.

Recall then that after years of nonsense hyperbole about manmade CFCs causing the “Ozone Hole” (a cyclical phenomenon, as suggested by anecdotal evidence going back to 16th and 17th Century Spanish colonial accounts of unexplained blindness occurring in Chilean sheep flocks), the purveyors of the meme started to declare victory. They did so, because (what do you know) the Ozone Hole started miraculously to close!! All because CFCs were removed from circulation….riiight.

Gradually more and more nonsense statistics and flashy graphics were circulated through the Media, and more and more preening of various academics (who had made entire careers out of the utter BS of the “Ozone Scare”) started to occur. Then, after a few years and entirely without fanfare, the meme was dropped.

The same thing is starting now in CAGW. The cyclical top has arrived and probably passed. There is nothing any “climate scientist” can do to perpetuate the gravy train of WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE so ably publicized by Gore. The global climate will cool, perfectly naturally, for the foreseeable future – so the CAGW Brigade has decided it is going to declare victory while it can…See, we cut CO2 and voila. Success….!!

This way at least when (or if) societies in the Europe and North America in particular wake up to the fact they are vastly under-prepared for a cooler climate phase (not least because of the damage done by anti-CO2 emission policies to power generation capacity for national grids), the CAGW Brigade will be long gone from public memory; and will in any event be able to say it’s not their fault, victory was declared years ago and we cannot be blamed if governments didn’t prepare for the cold since then….

Watch. Just watch.

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dahun #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

It is impossible to believe those that claim the Earth is in mortal danger from carbon dioxide when they reject nuclear which produces zero CO2, hydroelectric projects again with zero CO2 production and natural gas which has cut CO2 production by 10% in less than 10 years.

When only the highest cost least efficient power generation is insisted upon it can only be because a solution to the problem put forward is not wanted. Protection and propagation of the problem is the goal, solving it eliminates the ‘problem’ and political army that rely on it for their very existence.

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Enkl #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

Now for Australia. Here’s a copy of my email of this afternoon to the Prime Minister.

Dear Sir,

1. Most of the warming of the global climate over the last 100 years is an artifact of the retrospective adjustment of historical measurements. The adjustments have not been subject to peer review. Their scale has always been arbitrary, and their putative rationale has often been dubious.
2. ENSO fluctuations and other natural phenomena give a complete account of all climate variations during this period.
3. The sensitivity to carbon dioxide of the climate system is essentially nil. There has been no statistically significant warming for 20 years, despite the continued rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide. (While there is a small measured enhanced greenhouse effect, it is entirely offset by negative water vapour feedbacks.)
4. While the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide has no net impact on global temperatures, it has a substantial beneficial impact on agricultural yields.
5. ANY informed and scientifically literate person who gainsays the above points is acting dishonestly.
6. Attempts to limit the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide are futile (for scientific, technical and geopolitical reasons).
7. Attempts to limit the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide are exacerbating global energy poverty, which is causing tens of thousands of excess winter deaths each year (many in Europe), and reducing the life expectancy of many poor people. Doing so intentionally is unconscionable.

It appears that you continue to believe that it is imperative to reduce Australia’s carbon dioxide emissions. It is not. You are intelligent enough to assess the scientific claims of both sides of the debate and and astute enough to assess the integrity of their actions. Please do so.

Please be a real leader, not a follower. Please stop the campaign against carbon dioxide – for Australia, for the world, and for your own political future.

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Eric Simpson #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

The Berkeley graduate Michael Mann is more appropriately called an activist (leftist) than a scientist.

Moreover, ~ 97% of the current crop of climate “scientists” are, like Mann, in reality leftist activists that are pushing a radical agenda and not the truth.

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Claude Harvey #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

The progressive political goal has never really been “stopping climate change”. The goal has been to use climate change as a tool to implement policies that further the interests of “borderless, centrally controlled, one-world-socialism”. Pielke Jr. was attacked, not for denying the tool, but for dulling its cutting edge.

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TA #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

Yes, Christiana Figueres is seeking control over all the vegetation on Earth.

If we want to increase the forests, we should pump more CO2 into the atmosphere. More CO2 will also help feed nine billion people.

All these catastrophic effects alamists claim are going to happen are just figments of their imagination.

Earth history demonstrates there is no runaway greenhouse effect associated with CO2.

The Marxists are using a non-existent problem to advance their totalitarian goals.

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Earthling2 #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

In retrospect, I sure am glad that Al Gore lost the 2000 election. His utter arrogance on AGW climate change issues probably arises from his hostility to losing that election. That arrogance now manifests itself as really fuelling the skeptic debate, and one that he is losing as evidenced by his lashing out now in the death throes of the cult movement he helped establish.

It may take 20+ years of a pause in no statistical warming of the planet for the rest of the world to come around to common sense, but I think he knows the jig is up, hence his lashing out at anyone not toeing the line in his presence. A good sign I would say. Keep it up Big Al, we need more of this desperation from the lunatic CAGW movement to prove how unhinged this religion has become.

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Brian demas #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

Going to see al gore would be as interesting as watching a repeat of his boring and non factual INCONVENIENT TRUTH. Save your time and money and stay at home and try to find a fool to buy your ticket. AL GORE is a bafoon and a CON MAN who tried to CON the world with his garbage . The day will come when AL GORE will be exposed as a oppertunist that stands to gain billions of dollars.

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Allan MacRae #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

The Harvey Weinstein effect – a good analogy. Only now is it safe for people to speak out against the odious Weinstein, but it is not yet safe to speak out against global warming alarmism.

There is ample evidence that the sensitivity of climate to increasing atmospheric CO2 is very low – and thus catastrophic manmade global warming (CAGW) is a false crisis. Global warming alarmism is a fictional fabrication and it is the greatest embezzlement, in dollar terms, in human history. I suggest that most academics who possess even average intellect know this my now, just as most screen actors knew about Weinstein and his casting couch.

The majority of academics have not spoken out against global warming alarmism for obvious reasons:

1. They know they can get grants if they support CAGW, and NO grants if they oppose it.

2. They know that if they openly oppose CAGW, they will be ostracized by their peers and may be fired by their institutions.

3. Many academics lean to the political left, because it is socially fashionable and because they are insulated from the economic destructiveness of leftist politics.

4. Global warming alarmism is the new “front” for economic Marxists, who were discredited after the fall of the Soviet Union circa 1990.

5. Academics as a group are not particularly courageous or principled – it is safer for them to do and say nothing that would threaten their comfortable existence.

Regards, Allan

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co2isnotevil #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

Because this has nothing to do with the actual effect of CO2 and has everything to do with the ability to leverage a fabricated fear to justify the redistribution of wealth under the guise of climate reparations.

Coal is just a convenient scapegoat because its prior history of burning dirty and causing real pollution is easily conflated with with the imagined effects of CO2.

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markl #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

The AGW narrative was instigated and is now perpetuated by the UN and the globalist cabal. Various of its’ members have openly said AGW is about wealth redistribution …. the catch phrase du jour of Marxism/Socialism ….. and has nothing to do with temperature.

They are getting more bold and open about their intent as the AGW farce is failing and the science is brought to light. I don’t understand why more people don’t see this obvious attempt to gain political control using the AGW bogeyman.

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SAMURAI #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

(When this fundie is talking about CAGW, it means global warming.)

CAGW has always been a Leftist political phenomenon, not a physical one..

It was devised as a massive global redistribution of wealth scheme for governments to steal $trillions, implement $trillions in unnecessary compliance costs on the private sector, and a tool for governments to control every aspect of people’s lives.

CAGW is the Harvey Weinstein of science. It destroyed the virtuous who refused to comply, and advanced others that either allowed themselves to be corrupted or those who remained silent despite overwhelming evidence of the nefarious corruption they knew was taking place.

When (not if) CAGW is tossed on the pyre of failed Leftist ideologies, I hope people will learn the true nefarious nature of Leftism and will realize the initiation of force is not a viable or ethical construct upon which to build a society.

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Wondering Aloud #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

Is it, perhaps, because the catastrophic warming clique don’t believe their claims any more than the most ardent deniers? it’s pretty hard to explain the continued wide spread opposition to nuclear and geothermal power generation of anyone who really believes carbon dioxide is a problem.

Think about it… If they really believed in catastrophic climate change they could have started being honest about nuclear power 30 years ago. By now carbon dioxide emissions would be far lower than the best case scenario of the Paris agreement, just from the gradual replacement of fossil fired generation.

It seems the only conclusion is that Al Gore and his supporters are in fact “Climate Deniers.” If they believed their doomsday scenarios they would be behaving differently. They would be trying to solve the problem instead of trying to silence opposition.

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TA #fundie wattsupwiththat.com

That’s right, Sheri. The Vietnam war was the first time that reporters took the side of the Left in a big, public way, and used propaganda and lies to push the anti-war narrative and divide the American nation.

Before the Vietnam war, the MSM (a much smaller MSM than now) reported the news fairly straight. No huge bias towards either Left or Right, although they were pro-Kennedy and anti-Nixon during the 1960 elections, but their criticisms of Nixon were very mild compared to today (they made fun of Nixon sweating profusely on camera during one of the debates), but they didn’t make up lies about Nixon to harm him, like they are doing today against Trump.

Kennedy won the election that year. Both Kennedy and Nixon were in support of the war in South Vietnam, fearing a communist “domino effect” that might spread to the whole of Southeast Asia and even India, if something wasn’t done to stop it. Communism, at that time, was on the march all over the globe. The Left and the MSM have never looked back after the Vietnam war, and have made demonizing the Right as their main focus of attention, in order to gain and keep political power.

And they have been doing this “propaganda and lies” against the Right ever since, culminating in the flood of lies being put forth by the MSM today, in order to demonize Trump, and the Right in general. I actually went to Vietnam because of the lies put out by the MSM. According to the MSM, the American military was barely hanging on by a thread in South Vietnam, and getting beaten at every turn, when they fought against what the MSM described as “the toughest soldiers in the world”, the North Vietnamese and South Vietnamese Viet Cong communists.

They called them that, as a method of discouraging Americans and to make Americans give up on the war. All the MSM reporting was focused on this goal throughout the war and continues to this day. Lies and propaganda are legitimate tools as far as the American Left is concerned. I haven’t seen one Vietnam documentary I would consider even half-way accurate. I haven’t seen the new 10-part series on Vietnam that was recently broadcase on tv yet, but I’m sure that when I do, I will be disapponted in the accuracy of the reporting. If I’m not, it would be the first time.

Remember, the Left owns most of the media, so don’t expect a fair accounting of the Vietnam war from them. If it were a fair accounting, it would be an indictment of the anti-war Left and the MSM, and they can’t have that, so they continue to lie about the Vietnam war all these years later. I was in the Army, stationed in Wildflecken, Germany, at this time, and I read these daily dire reports of failure by the U.S. in South Vietnam, and said to myself, this can’t be true, because if it were true, then my whole worldview was wrong, so I had to go see for myself because I had to know. So I volunteered to go to South Vietnam in May 1968.

When I got to South Vietnam, I found out that they were all lies and anti-war propaganda. The “toughest soldiers in the world’ were the American troops who kicked the hell out of the North Vietnamese troops and the Viet Cong, throughout the war. My worldview was the correct worldview after all. General Giap, the Supreme Commander of the North Vietnamese military, and the architect of the war strategy, told a reporter after the war, that the American troops won just about every battle in South Vietnam, but that didn’t matter because North Vietnam had the American anti-war Left and the MSM on their side. He was exactly right.

American troops defeated the North Vietnamese troops and the North Vietnamese finally came to the bargaining table, and after the Peace Accord was signed, South Vietnam was still there as a viable nation with a bright future ahead of it. Then the anit-war Left in the U.S. Congress just threw away all that blood, sweat, and tears expended in Vietnam, by refusing to come to South Vietnam’s aid after North Vietnam violated the Peace Agreement and again attacked South Vietnam in 1975.

The Left controlled Congress in those days, and it was right after Nixon had resigned over Watergate, so the Left felt imboldened and just turned their backs on South Vietnam and threw them to the wolves. Like Obama did to the Iraqis in 2011. In both cases, millions of innocent people were killed and displaced from their homes as a result. What is so ironic is that this last attack by North Vietnam in 1975, started out with them sending a large proportion of their fighting forces into northern, South Vietnam, to the point that they created gridlock with every highway, road, and trail jam-packed with North Vietnamese troops and military equipment frozen in place, and unable to move forward or backward, and they were sitting ducks for American B-52 bombers out of Guam.

The B-52’s could have spent about a week or two carpet bombing the stalled North Vietnamese forces and would have for all intents and purposes, wiped them out where they sat, and the war would have been over and North Vietnam would have been in very dire straights with most of their military destroyed. It would only have taken a short time (hours) to get the B-52’s over the enemy, but the American Left refused to come to the aid of South Vietnam, even though they were legally and morally obligated to do so.

My natural skepticism sent me to Vietnam. I found out that the MSM had been lying all along (like today) and that the MSM was biased, and were not above lying to push this political objective of getting the U.S. out of Vietnam. Up until then, I thought the MSM was telling it straight but I found out otherwise when I saw it for myself. I have been on a one-man crusade against the Left and especially the MSM, ever since. I know how dangerous their lies really are to our society and to our allies in the world. In other words, the Left and the MSM, and their lies, put U.S. national security at risk every day because they lie about the true situation.

American Leftists are incapable of defending U.S. national interests. They have proven it time after time, Obama being the latest example of the delusional thinking taking place in Leftist’s minds. The Iraq war was won, then Obama sat there and twiddled his thumbs while the Islamic Terror Army attacked and gained in strength and territory every day, displacing and killing millions of innocent people in the process.

Obama acted like an innocent bystander and never took any serious measures to stop the terroirsts. It was almost like he was on the terrorists side, not our side. So the big divisions in the U.S. did start during the Vietnam war, and the Left continues to divide us to this very day, epitomized again by Barack Obama and his racebaiting and identity politics. One bright spot is the public is on to the MSM now. They know they are a bunch of partisan, political liars. The Left and the MSM still have millions of people fooled, but there are millions more who are no longer fooled, Trump’s election demostrates this.

We should all get down on our knees and thank God that Trump got into Office. Only a person like him, vulgar and brash as he is, could take on the Left and the MSM successfully and win this battle. If he wins, we all win. We all need to stand up and fight the false narratives and distorted realities put out by the Left and the MSM, if we value our personal freedoms.

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Dan Cebuliak #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

I agree with Dr. Tim Ball. For many years especially after the “Global Warming” crises turned into the “Climate Change” crises which has now morphed into “Climate Chaos” and what ever name that will be used to deceive the public, It was clearly evident that there was an agenda being played out. Under sustainability the hoax was being perpetrated on the people, while governments and corporations did totally the opposite.

I was also aware these so called environmental groups were the soft sell of the agenda, and continually questioned along the same lines. It wasnt until 6 years ago I started to study Agenda 21, brought in by the UN and Maurice STrong that I fully comprehended what was going on, and it was less then that warm fuzzy feeling that other groups are pushing.

I discovered that Transition Towns is also part of that facade, the underside of ICLEI, which is now Governments for Sustainability, a very well cloaked con game…. Dr Tim Ball, thank you for the work you are doing, and I do wish you the very best of luck in dealing with Andrew Weaver, who is also pushing the hoax with his new false sense of power in BC.

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Roger Graves #conspiracy wattsupwiththat.com

When examining apparently irrational behaviour, such as the absolute refusal of many politicians and academics to even consider the possibility that there is anything to be debated about climate change, it always pays to consider the old adage: follow the money.

The real source of money for the climate change industry is the wind and solar energy industries ($3 trillion dollars since 2000, and counting). The industries are sustained in their turn by the privileged grid access that politicians have obtained for them; whenever the wind blows or the sun shines, grids must accept their energy output, regardless of whether cheaper energy sources are available.

Protesters in the US used to complain about the military/industrial complex during the Cold War. Methinks it’s high time we started to make a fuss about the green energy/political complex which is making money hand over fist for a few privileged insiders while sucking money out of the rest of us.