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The Sun consists of a humungous amount of iron alloy with a unique composition, where iron alloys themselves are nearly never found on Earth naturally. Other materials are also unique to the Sun or are otherwise very rare compared to the same elements on Earth. All meteorites consist of the same very few components in different ratios in the same pattern and format and consistency. Also, iron meteorites are easily confused with rusted pieces of man-made iron and steel. Not forgetting, there is a humungous amount of almost-pure glass in the sky 100 km high, the composition of which is never found on Earth naturally.

What are the chances that the Sun is an entity of natural formation? Next to zero I would say. The Sun must be a technology. What else can it be?
Also, what powers the Sun lamp? It is the turbulent ether wind which rotates the lamp around itself, probably in a vortex fashion as the ether spins East to West (not the Earth spinning West to East) and vortexes (cyclones) are also very common weather patterns. It is the turbulent ether which seems to account for all “unresolved forces” and so it is extremely likely that this is what also powers the Sun. Considering how much power the Sun gives the Earth in terms of heat and light to enable the life cycle on Earth to function (not including the infinitesimally tiny amount of energy people harness from solar power), the ether must possess virtually unlimited energy; at least energy as we know it, (largely manifesting itself as movement; whatever that is).

Wild Heretic #crackpot #conspiracy wildheretic.com

The following 8 article thesis is based on two premises which have been taken as facts:

We live inside a concave Earth.
The Sun has a bright side and a dark side.
The Sun as a sulfur lamp is only relevant for the Electric Sun – mechanism article yet to be published.

The gist of this entire thesis is largely speculative with the exception of Bendy light – the evidence which does not require any model of the Earth to be correct and therefore is the hardest to rebut.

There is even a “hidden” article (not in the side menu) on an electromagnetism hypothesis which attempts to connect the magnetic H-field of the holes near the poles and the Sun. This is purely hypothetical is merely a curiosity not to be taken seriously.