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How about this….earth is
concave….it is kept secret from most of society because…
If we were to know the truth, we would soon come to find that earth is MAN MADE…that God did.not create this universe, our universe is an artificial replication of God’s created universe..
A universe that eventually was poisoned, destroyed, by mankind.
So man, if wanting mankind to continue to exist, had to build artificial universe. Only a tiny percent of worlds population knows the truth. …convincing and brainwashing and training and enslaving 99.9% of population that our universe is Holy…and the masses are used by the elite to run, to be the gears and cogs (as unwitted slaves) to be the labor to make this artificial universe MECHANICAL earth machine run smoothly….all the that the elite can complete creation of ANOTHER manmade universe. Because they cannot stop our present universe from self destructing…



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