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[ Note: Translated from Polish original via DeepL ]

@BigKahunaDick has made the greatest discovery of modern history. His thoughts on #dickpill are the most revolutionary since the rise of Christianity. People have wondered for centuries what makes outstanding people. Some have talked about the will to power. Others about high intellect, and still others about indomitable will. However, all these things are secondary to having a great member. Some might think that it is only about women. This is not true. A big penis is a guarantee of success in life and healthy relationships. People with small penises are usually insecure, submissive and mentally weak. Having a micro penis not only affects your mental condition, but also your character. Every great leader, scientist, artist or philosopher had at least 30 cm in his trousers. If you don't have at least a 24 centimetre penis you will be a loser in every field for the rest of your life. It's over for losers. If someone thinks I'm talking out of turn, they probably have a small one and have complexes themselves.

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[ Original in Polish: ]

spoiler@BigKahunaDick dokonał największego odkrycia historii nowożytnej. Jego przemyślenia na temat #dickpill są najbardziej rewolucyjnymi od czasów powstania chrześcijaństwa. Ludzie od wieków się zastanawiali co czyni ludźmi wybitnymi. Niektórzy gadali coś o woli mocy. Inni o wysokim intelekcie, a jeszcze inni o niezłomnej woli. Wszystkie te rzeczy są jednak wtórne wobec posiadania wielkiego członka. Niektórzy mogliby myśleć, że chodzi wyłącznie o kobiety, ale to nie prawda. Wielki penis to gwarant sukcesów życiowych i zdrowych relacji z ludźmi. Ludzie z małymi penisami są zwykle mało pewni siebie, ulegli i mentalnie słabi. Posiadanie mikrusa nie tylko wpływa na twoją kondycję psychiczną, ale i charakter. Każdy wielki przywódca, naukowiec, artysta czy filozof miał przynajmniej 30 cm w spodniach. Dlatego jak nie masz przynajmniej 24 centymetrowego członka to będziesz przegrany w każdej dziedzinie do końca życia. It's over dla przegrywa. Jak ktoś natomiast uważa, że gadam od rzeczy to pewnie sam ma małego i ma kompleksy.

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[Note: Translated from Polish original via DeepL. Loser (przegryw) = incel, they know the term but prefer their own. Oskar = Chad and Julka = Stacy, though the second one isn't really needed there.]

( trike )

The extermination of Oskar commenters has begun.

The #przegryw tag has become a source of ego boosting for Oskars. They post pictures of themselves just to get comments that reinforce that they're not losers. I don't know what the fuck you guys are doing here, if your posts are all about crying for attention and bragging about how much better your lives are than ours, you're pissing me off, a while ago I didn't care, but now I'm blackballing every plastic bastard who wants to boost his self worth with our suffering. Out of the tag k**wy.

( Powiew_morskiej_bryzy )

There should be some kind of verification of who is a real loser. And then have the account verified and confirmed. Otherwise it will be over for the tag. #przegryw

( BrockLanders )

Everyone here thinks he is a real loser and judges by his own yardstick.

One earns 5k, has a car and lives for free with his parents, but has no one to go for a beer with and has never touched a girl and considers himself a loser.

Another earns the minimum wage in a 3-shift kolkhoz and rents a flat with Ukrainians in the district, because he had to move out because of his pathological parents, but the first one will tell him in advance to get the fuck out of the tag, because he had a girlfriend in high school.

And the third one recently split up after a 10-year relationship, hasn't moved in six months, realised that the market situation is fucked up and tags #przegryw xD

( dizzy126 )

- no sex (paid sex does not count)
- ugly face, but really ugly
- mental illness
- severe family problems
- obesity
- involuntary unemployment or kolkhoz with little prospect of improvement
- physical illnesses making it difficult to function normally (including mutilations etc.)
- under 180 cm tall
- social phobia

You need at least 3.

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[Translated from a Polish original via DeepL.]


Yes, my dear beauties, the fact that a woman has had a different sexual partner every week IS a real problem and it IS NOT normal, how is such a person supposed to be a good wife and mother if the chances of divorce increase proportionally with the number of previous partners?

What amused me even more in this thread was the statement that men do the same. Somehow I don't know any guy nor do I myself recall having sex with five females on my 18th birthday, in fact I don't recall ever having sex.

And this huge disproportion in the number of partners between the sexes IS a bigger problem than some LGBT or abortion issue even though nobody wants or is afraid to talk about it.

#przegryw #blackpill #p0lka


I wouldn't mind if they had as much sex as they liked, if only these trollops would mark themselves somehow. There's such a fashion for tattoos, Julkas love them so much, so why not make a sign on some visible part of the body saying ONS-lover or something else? xD let's make it a trend on TikTok and it will follow.

There's nothing to be ashamed of, such a p0leczka is modern, liberated and knows her worth!

Those who want a peaceful life, will stay away from such marriages, thanks to this there will be less mentally destroyed individuals, the number of divorces will decrease, there will be less lonely madams. All the advantages. And Chads and cucks will know which cunts were visited by half of the city, and that this is a good target for ONSes and FWBs that they like.