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This is part of my theory about black antisocial behavior (especially oppositional defiance disorder) is not simply a consequence of not having had an involved biological father in the home, but rather about having a round robin of their mothers’ boyfriends and lovers in the home, acting imperiously and likely physically abusing the young boys who are an obstacle and burden to the men. They’re learning that authority is corrupt and capricious and its ability to impose violence is its sole source of legitimacy. Then they get sent out into the world in an essentially feral state and encounter white cops.

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One thing for sure, these riots are not Islamic. Sure, many are children of Muslim immigrants and sure, some of them shout ‘Muh Muhammad’. But they are mostly into gangsta rap culture imported from the US. Their behavior is modeled on jungle culture of thugs and gangstas than on the pillars of Islam. These are more like BLM riots. Some argue that the problem is lack of assimilation.

Actually, the problem is these immigrants kids are fully assimilated into the Western New Normal of blackity-black, rap culture, youth thuggery, and ‘white guilt’. Most ‘Muslim’ youths are more into gangsta culture than Islamic studies. But, given the taboos against blaming blacks, people pretend the fault is with Islam.

It’s true that the West has imported a lot of Third World trash. But what passes for ‘Western Culture’ lately? Twerking, homo degeneracy, rap music, pornification of kiddie culture, tranny men running riot, and etc.

Can you blame the newcomers for holding such a civilization in contempt? And if anything, it seems too many of the newcomers have indeed fully assimilated to the ‘Western Culture’, one that made Rap music the #1 musical genre. And long before this happened, let’s not forget the white lunatics of May 68 and the disgusting Punk movement in the UK that celebrated anarchy and destruction.

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As for Free Speech vs Muslims, there’s an argument in favor of the Muslims. They have every right to be outraged by the denigration of Islam and Muslims given the current state of Western ‘liberal democracy’. Ideally, totally unfettered speech for all should be guaranteed in a free society. If the West were genuinely committed to free speech for all, we should with free-speechers against Muslim hotheads. Back when the West stood for the right of Salman Rushdie to write a controversial book, it felt good to be on the side of free-speechers against Iran and Muslim firebrands.

But the notion that the current West is a ‘liberal democracy’ committed to free speech is a joke. Europe and Canada trample on free speech at every turn, especially to appease Jews and their two main allies, blacks and homos. Jews, once the biggest defenders of free speech(if only to have their say and gain power), are now the biggest enforcers of Censchwarzship(to hoard the immense power and wealth they’ve accumulated).

Jewish Power effectively neutralized free speech along with white identity and Christianity. So, the real dichotomy is NOT about the Liberal West that values free speech VERSUS atavistic Muslim dogmatists. The reality boils down to Muslims demanding respect for Islam on par with enforced protections for Jewish Supremacist Power, globo-homo vanity, and the Jungle Cult of the Noble Negro(and, off and on, feminist bitchery).

In the current UK where people are fined and/or hauled to prison for making a mocking tweet about Nelson Mandela, exposing the dirty machinations of Jewish Power, questioning aspects of the Shoah(as the iron-clad 6 million figure is more numerology than history), making fun of homos, and positing honest questions about racial/sexual differences, where is the commitment to Free Speech?

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Christianity is a Jewish religion.

Once I encountered a Jew on Facebook who openly bemoaned the fact that it’s impossible to cultivate a guilt complex in Asians, like it’s successfully done with Europeans. “The Japanese are simply immune to all of it,” he wrote. “When you confront them with their historical crimes, they just smile and try to change the subject.” So, when you come to think of it – what exactly makes cultural Marxism so successful in Western countries, whereas it completely fails in Asia? The answer is, of course, Christianity. Without this perverse cult of guilt and self-hatred, disguised under the mask of love and tolerance, the Jews would never have been able to subjugate Europe.

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Every time you see an expose of alleged pedophilia it turns out to be a teenage girl voluntarily prostituting herself.

There is a class element here, low class girls from chaotic families are unchaste and men from all classes can take advantage of that. The solution is for low class families to put down the meth, stop cheating on one another, stop divorcing, and actually discipline their children for once in their lives. It’s not to join the white trash conspiracy theorist goon march that seeks to blame everyone but them for their daughters being sluts.

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America was much more homogeneous in GLR’s day. There are a lot more people on the racial edge today, light-skinned Hispanics, Arab Christians, half-Jews, Eurasians, etc. Many grow up in the same conditions as their White neighbors and develop the same ultra-right views. For instance, I knew a guy in college(this would have been around 2012) was a half-White half-Korean who came into college with anti-White views. He couldn’t get a girlfriend and blamed this on White racism. But soon he realized that the reason Asian men are at the bottom of the dating hierarchy is because the Jews dominate American culture and use their position to valorize thuggish behavior.